If there is any show I love more than Weeds and The Game, it is Girlfriends.  I still watch re-runs of Girlfriends on DVD as a pick-me-up.  These four different girls, all from four different walks of life, shared such strong bonds.  And even though Toni and Maya were my two favorites, I feel that I could relate to each one of them in a unique way.  Joan was the nucleus of the group, holding everyone together.  She was a perfectionist, and sometimes a nervous wreck.  In those ways I was just like Joan. Then there's her best friend, Toni.  Toni feeds the "Champagne-Dreamer" in me.  Toni prides herself on living a life of fabulousness and lavishness at all costs.  Plus, she is such a diva.  Maya mirrors the writer in me and the "Aw Hell Nah" attitude I tend to catch if I'm not too careful about my surroundings.  And Lynn, poor, lost Lynn.  I feel like Lynn some days, especially with all the majors I've chosen during my time in college.  Though she's quirky and such a moocher, I still love her spirit and presence.  I fell in love with each of these girls, and William as well, over the course of the seasons.  However, when Toni left before the last season, I felt like I had lost a friend of my own.  The show never truly recaptured its zeal after Toni left either, in my opinion.  Nonetheless,  I really wish we could get a reunion or something!
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