Eva the Diva and the "Payneful Rescue"

Did you guys catch Wednesday's episode of Tyler Perry's House of Payne?  Well if you didn't, you missed a treat!  It was such an emotionally-charged episode, I was on the edge of my chair holding back tears.  Literally.

To give a quick recap, Miranda, Calvin Jr. and Christian were rescued from a house-fire by CJ.  As a result of the fire, Calvin Jr. lies comatose in the hospital fighting for his life.  Inevitably, the Payne family was on edge.  What really surprised me about the episode though, was how stellar Eva's performance was.  Remember that Eva plays Tracy, Calvin Jr's mother.  Talk about a mad mommy!  Her acting was so spot on, I could feel her anger and frustration.  As a mother of two myself, I felt my heart bleeding for her, as if the episode was happening in living color.  Even though she was being nasty with all the others in the hospital scene, one could not help but hurt for her.  She was fleshing out before an audience a terrified woman experiencing a mother's worse nightmare, and was doing so with such precision!  Eva the Diva darling, I give  you a round of applause for your role in such a dramatic and emotional episode. In fact, this episode was probably the best one I have seen.  Not only was Eva on point with the acting, everyone else followed suit as well.  It just seemed like such a "real" situation and the crew pulled it off seamlessly, in my opinion.

And Mrs. Ella put down a prayer so heavy, I felt myself saying amen at the end!

I don't want to give up all the details because some of you may not have seen it yet.  But for those of you that have seen it, what did you think?  And for those of you who haven't, search for it on the internet (or you may just have to wait for tbs.com to post it).  Share your thoughts!
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