Ten Personal Commitments: 31 Day Reset Day 30 **Retro Post**

Do you guys remember when I was sharing my experiences with Rosetta Thurman's 31 Day Reset on her Happy Black Woman website?  Well I was revisiting the 31 Day Reset and decided to share with you guys an entry I had been keeping in my journal in an attempt to breathe life back into my goals.  On Day 30 we were asked to make no more than ten personal commitments to ourselves in our quest for self-improvement.  Here are mine:
  1. I will spend more time developing a personal relationship with my Savior,  Jesus Christ.
  2. I will invest more time, energy, and education in my children to ensure they continue to thrive, be happy, and well-rounded.
  3. I will stop wasting so much time on social networks (sigh).
  4. I will go to church more often to fellowship and receive spiritual nourishment.
  5. I will put more effort into making my dream life a reality.
  6. I will exercise more often and take better care of my body.
  7. I will never stop writing.  I will try to write something every day.
  8. I will do one thing to pursue my own happiness weekly (or what I refer to as "self-care").
  9. I will devote time monthly to give back to my community.
  10. I will make a habit of pursuing lifelong learning by reading and exposing myself to new experiences.
I strongly suggest you guys check out Day 30 for yourself as well as signing up for the free 31 Day Reset program.  Also, feel free to share your 10 commitments with me in the comments!
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