Dre Writes: Those Five People

I am currently reading Tyrese Gibson's self-help book How to Get Out of Your Own Way in the book club over at FemmesWithBenefits and I must say I have been learning a lot.  One important lesson he's discussed that I have been pondering lately is his concept of "your five people".  Who are those five people, you ask?  These are the five people you spend time with the most.  Tyrese tells us in the book that we are a composite of the five people we hang around the most.  Seeing as how I keep a small circle and I am getting adjusted to being a wife, I felt like I wasn't really spending time with anyone all the time, other than my husband and children.  But then again, I thought about the friends and associates I visit the most when I'm home, I talk to on the phone the most, and basically have any type of interaction with.  After taking inventory of five people, I wondered if I truly was representative of the five people I interact with the most.

For the most part, I am happy with the people who surround me.  I have a good support system and people who encourage me to set goals and pursue my dreams.  However, there are the occasional guest appearances from those who like drama, love to rob you of your joy, and envy anyone doing more than they are (aka debbie downer, negative nancy, miss drama queen, and the like).  I think I can do away with the ties I have to people who only like to gossip and are never working on anything productive.  Besides, it has been said that birds of a feather flock together and if you lie down with dogs you will rise with fleas (shout out to Benjamin Franklin).  In no way, do I want to be associated with anything negative that would block blessings and good fortune in my life.  In short, I guess it's safe to say I need to make sure I am surrounded by the people that are where I am spiritually and mentally or are where I want to be.  

So who are your five people and are they representative of who you are?  If not, are you willing to let them go?

If you would like to join in on the reading and discussion go check out the lovely ladies over at FemmesWithBenefits!
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