Kreativ Blogger Award

Guess what?  I got the Kreativ Blogger Award, guys!   You know I’m totally stoked by this, right? I’m over here cheesing like a Cheshire cat!  I received this award from Max-E, who is such a sweetie and has such a lovely blog. Thank you so much, Max-E!  You guys should go check her out!

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Name your favorite song: Adore by Prince
Name your favorite dessert: Baklava
What pisses you off: When people are obnoxious and loud for no reason lol
When you're upset, you: Read a book or Listen to music
Your favorite pet: Hmmm... I don't have one.
Black or white: Both
Your biggest fear:  Dying without leaving a legacy
Best feature: My eyes
Everyday attitude: Spread love and bless others as you have been blessed
What is perfection: God's grace, mercy, and love
Guilty pleasure: sushi, sushi, and more sushi... and a cup of tea

7 Random Facts About Myself
  • I hate long lines.  Being in them makes me nervous.
  • I relate everything to music and song lyrics. 
  • I'm a recovering undercover over-lover (note- I listen to a lot of E. Badu)
  • I have a weakness for guitar players (or just the guitar-playing).
  • I am goofy, awkward, and a little particular about a lot of things. 
  • I still have all my favorite books as a child.  My children thank me for it.

Here are the lovely winners:

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