Monday Dose of Diva: God in Me

Blog fam, when I think of inspirational divas, the sisters of gospel duo Mary Mary always come to mind.  They seem so real and down to earth that I wish I knew them in real life. I've been a fan of them since their first album Thankful, and I've been singing along with their praises every since.  I had the honor of seeing them live at Women's Empowerment 2009 hosted by Radio One in Raleigh NC and it was such a treat!  They sang so beautifully, making so many of us stand to our feet and worship through song.  They also shared pearls of wisdom that I still hold in my heart to this day.

Sisters Erica and Tina showed me not to be afraid to share my joy and love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  They also showed me that when God is working and moving in your life, the people around you will be able to see your light shining.  Once the people around us recognize that light we have in us, it is our duty to share the good news and the power God has to use us all in marvelous ways.

Check out one of my faves by Mary Mary from one of my all-time favorite albums The Sound:  Yes it's the God in Me!

What is your favorite Mary Mary song?  When you think of inspirational divas, who comes to mind?
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