A Hipster and a Gentleman: Kid Cudi Style

I must admit that I'm a big fan of Kid Cudi's style. Sure he's had his moments in bad fashion, but who hasn't? Cudder is the typical hipster figure, easily being spotted in a leather jacket, statement-making tee, and cool kicks. What I love most about his style though, is that he is able to put away the hipster style when he needs to. He can transform into quite the gentleman, in the right gear! Below I have looks for both! Check 'em out :)

Items Needed to Acquire the Look:
(1) Leather Jacket
(2) Statement Making Graphic Tee
(3) Relaxed Fit Jeans
(4) Cool Kicks 


Items Needed to Acquire the Look:
(1) Fedora
(2) Black Blazer
(3) Patterned Tie
(4) Slim-Fit Jeans
(5) Statement Making Accessory

Are you feelin' Cudder's style?
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