FWB Presents: The Blogger VLOG Challenge

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! We want to see you on camera answering these 15 questions and then tagging 15 more bloggers! This is a July Challenge so take your time and be sure to choose bloggers you have so eagerly wanted to see on camera! TIP: Write down your answers before making your video! This will avoid gaps and lag time! Make sure your video is short, fun, sweet and creative! We want to see you all so we're starting this challenge off by tagging everyone who reads this! Stay tuned for videos from the ladies of FWB! Email us with any questions and for a copy of the banner/flyer! XOXO.

1. SELF CHECK | What's your bad habit?
2. NAME THAT PHRASE | What's one phrase that you use and abuse?
3. HONESTY BOX | What made you want to start blogging?
4. TURN OFF | What is a huge turn off for you?
5. KEEP IT REAL | What are your 3 pet peeves?
6. ALTEREGO | What do you do when you're not blogging?
7. CONFESSION | What was the worst date you have ever been on?
8. SECRET FACTS | What would your blog readers be shocked to know about you?
9. SHOWER SONGS | What is one song that you love to sing? Show us you greatest lip sync!
10. TRUE FRIEND | What's a fashion/beauty no no that every girl should no do?
11. YOUTUBE | Who's your favorite youtuber?
12. PHOBIA | What's one thing you fear? Where did this fear stem from?
13. WEIRD FACT | What's one thing that is super weird about you?
14. CONNECTED | How many networks are you on?! What's your username on each?
15. DREAM JOB | What would be your dream job?

Feel free to tag others by simply emailing / forwarding this post to bloggers you love =].
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