Style Icon: Niecy Nash

I must say, I am a big fan of Niecy Nash.  It started back with watching Reno 911 for laughs some years ago, but solidified with my following of the Style Network TV show, Clean House.  Niecy was bold, vibrant, and full of personality.  She also had no problem telling it like it was.  With each new episode, I found myself captivated by Niecy's style and presence.  Before long, I was looking forward to Niecy's wardrobe choices more than I was the home improvements taking place following the crew's interventions.  Being a new mom at the time who had put on a few extra pounds, I didn't know how to fabulously style myself anymore.  But there was a woman on television that looked like me, was shaped like me, and even wore a flower in her hair like me.  And she wasn't trying to mask her curves either.  She successfully played them up while keeping it classy.  I wanted to do the same for myself. 

Here are two of my favorite Niecy Nash looks:

Key elements of Niecy's style:
♥ Flowing curls
♥Flower in the hair
♥Wrap Dresses
♥Clothing that accentuates (not hides) her curves

One of the main things I love about Niecy's style is her trademark flower in her hair.  I love this because I wear a flower in my hair also.  I do it in reference to Billie Holliday and she does it for Lola Falana, whom she idolized as a child.  I also love the fact that we have a similar build. I often check out her looks for inspiration on how to dress my shape, as she does a great job of dressing hers.  I also love the fact that she dresses with a lot of confidence and personality. She does this in a very tasteful way, as she is a mother and a wife.

This is one of the looks I came up with inspired by an outfit she wore on the premiere of her new show "The Soul Man".  On this show, she plays Lolli, the wife of a minister (played by Cedric the Entertainer). 

Check out Niecy as Lolli, asking her husband for help with her wardrobe selection:

Check out my version of her look:

TV Inspired Fashion

Moschino Cheap Chic wrap around dress
$280 -

Rupert Sanderson platform heels
$503 -

Foley Corinna leather tote handbag
$395 -

Blue Nile yellow gold bangle
$679 -

Mac Lipstick
$15 -

And now for a funny story:  Can you believe someone actually mistaked me for Niecy Nash one night as my family and I were out eating at a local restaurant?  This lady stared at me all night until finally as she was leaving, she asked me if I was the lady from "Clean House."  I don't know if it was my gap, the curly hair, or the flower in it.  I don't see the resemblance, but I was indeed flattered.

Are you a fan of Niecy's style?

Did you catch the pilot of Soul Man?  What are your thoughts?


photos courtesy of TV Land or Niecy Nash
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