Big Fat Summer Challenge: Go Sleeveless!

Ladies, the Big Fat Summer Challenge is coming to an end soon!  For you all that are participating, how have you been doing with the challenge?  With only four days left in the month, I find myself falling a bit short with marking items off the list.  Hopefully I will fulfill a couple more items in the next few days.  But whether I cross each item off the list or not, I have taken a lot from this challenge and I'm so glad that Jennifer over at Jasifer Lions Club shared this experience with her readers.  Before taking part in this challenge, I had never really shared any of my own personal looks on the blog.  I like to think that I'm much better at coming up with looks for others than for myself.  Not only that, I often find it hard to dress according to a theme, especially one that calls for me to dress outside of my comfort zone.  For instance, I wear shorts (not often), but very rarely are they "short shorts" like the white ones pictured in my first BFSC post.  So I would like to thank Jennifer for sharing the idea of the Big Fat Summer Challenge on her blog, as it has helped me to step outside the proverbial box.

Now, on to the look!  Today I'm wearing a simple sleeveless dress I got from Charlotte Russe a while back. It's super hot here on the coast, so all summer my wardrobe formula has been looking like a dress plus sandals (and sunnies).  Simple enough, right?

And last night was wash night so the hair is looking like a "to be continued" situation, my beloved puff.

And as you can see, I always keep a couple pink toes in my sandals *in my Nicki voice* lol

Do you have a simple summer wardrobe formula?
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