Looks Like Another Pink Wednesday! (+BFSC)

 As much as I share something pink on the blog, one would think pink was my favorite color!  I will admit I get a bit overzealous when Pink Wednesday rolls around.  The love of pink manis coupled with the introduction to the site On Wednesdays We Wear Pink last year has definitely charged my habit of sharing pink polishes most weeks.  And this week is no different.  With this week's mani, I've done my usual pink nail lacquer with one accented glitter nail.  Check it out:

I've used Sinful Colors in Cream Pink on each nail except one.

Then I accented the ring fingers with Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Rich in Heart.

And what's an accent nail without glitter?  I added Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter for that extra sparkle!

Now for this Pink Wednesday, not only did I rock pink nails,  I wore pink.  Initially I wasn't going to post this look, as I just wore it to run errands today.  But when I realized it allowed me to mark the "wear something I wouldn't normally wear" item from my BFSC list, I snapped a pic to share!  

I rarely wear colored denim,  though I am in love with the trend.  I only own two pairs of colored jeans, and only after a recent trip to K-Mart did I decide to add another pair to the mix.  The fact that these bad boys are soooo comfortable and only cost $12 sold me on them, even though they are flared.  As a short girl, I NEVER wear flared-leg pants.  But anyways, check out the look.

The fact that my daughter said I "looked like the 70s" almost made me change my mind, lol.  

What color are you wearing your nails this week?

Are you participating in the BFSC?  
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