Building My Wardrobe: Fall Edition

As August wraps up, many of us ladies find ourselves looking to update our wardrobes for the upcoming fall season.  For the last few weeks I've been taking inventory of what I have (that fits correctly) and making a wish list of things I wanted to add to my closet. I've also been reading various magazines and ripping out pages to add to my lookbook/mood boards/ ( or random scraps of paper that make me feel like I'm doing something overly creative lol).  Am I a glorified fashionista?  Not at all.  At least not yet, anyways :-)  But my style has evolved over the past year, as I am maturing and learning what works for my size and shape.  I want to look my personal, polished best when I step out into the world as a mother, wife, and self-proclaimed diva, so I began putting in a little time to attend to my wardrobe.  Thanks to Polyvore, I was able to create a few visuals for my fall wardrobe basics.

Fall Wardrobe: Tops and Outerwear

Tops & Outerwear:  The tops I've added are versatile and easy to create looks with.  As someone who wears short sleeves year round, I rarely add long-sleeved blouses to my wardrobe.  I'd rather layer, wearing a cardigan over a short-sleeved shirt, for instance, because I tend to be what my grandmother calls "hot-natured."  I added a few patterned pieces for add some spice to the basic wardrobe and added the peplum blouse and bow-tie blouse to give the wardrobe a trendy feel.  The jackets and blazers are my go-to pieces that can be interchanged according to the occasion.

Fall Wardrobe: Bottoms
Bottoms: As far as bottoms go, I'm pretty much a jeans girl in the Fall. They seem to go well no matter what the occasion. When I'm dressed down, they look great with loafers or sneakers. If I want to dress up, they go great with boots or pumps. And just in case I don't look dressy enough in jeans, I've added a pencil skirt and pair of black pants into the mix.

Fall Wardrobe: Shoes and Accessories

Shoes & Accessories: These items really speak for themselves! In fact, I probably should have added this entry first, because I have a tendency to pair outfits around what shoes and accessories I want to wear for the occasion. Backwards, I know.  But with my style and my wardrobe choices for fall, I feel like these items work best.

**I was going to add dresses to the wardrobe, until I realized every dress I have or am adding to my wishlist  seems to be a wrap-dress.  Can you ladies please give me some suggestions for dresses?  I would love to know which stores and styles are best for women who are top heavy.  I would really appreciate it ;-)

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?
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