KimberlyLuxe's Life Reset - Final Post

This post will be a bitter sweet one because it will be my last post to update you all on the three month life reset. This is week 11 and next week is our final week of the project. Of course if you haven't began it with us from the beginning you're welcome to start whenever. It's a 12 week life reset, with 12 projects - one projects per week. I chose to make it one project per week a) because I know how hard it is to commit to things especially when there are time constraints, and b) so that it can be done at your leisure throughout the week as I know we are all busy women. With this Life Reset there are three segments: focus, cleanse, and reincarnate. I came up with each project based on the research I did in my college classes and the psychology studies I participated in in Psych clubs (don't judge me). All in all, this is a fun experience where you will essentially date yourself. While dating yourself you'll be forced to get to know yourself better and you'll also be forced to reevaluate yourself on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. There's no fee or charge, as all you'll need to get is a notebook and your favorite pen and highlighter. Self discovery is a beautiful thing, and although each year can be hectic, the end of the year is a great time to rediscover yourself. We all make New Years resolutions but it's hard to start off strong on the right track when you're still trying to figure out the path you plan on taking. And as my motto has been from the very beginning of this rediscovery journey, "Instead of starting the New Year off with resolutions, I try to go into the New Year already as my better self, that way my first step is with my strongest glide". I hope that this journey will be nothing but rewarding for you all. Thank you all for joining it with me, I'm proud to say that we're ending this with 113 women (that I know of), from ages 19-38, on board.

[1] Create a road map. Your goals for September to December should be listed and at least three things should be accomplished and marked off at this point. It's always important to set both big and small goals. From oil changes, to license renewals. No goal should go unlisted.

[2] Get rid of the valueless. You should now be disconnected from at least one social network. This will be a month-long task that will be necessary so that you can spend less time indulging in the lives of others and more time indulging in your own. You should also set guidelines for yourself. How many times can you go to your ex's or frenemy's facebook/twitter/instagram page? Once a week, once a month, never? Lastly, three pages should have been dedicated to listing people and things that you want to let go of.

[3] Create your perfect him. Now the fun begins. The next few pages (I originally said three, but three is simply the minimum as it's best for you to be thorough but not for you to feel confined) of your journal will be dedicated to creating your perfect him, but as opposed to focusing on the physical attributes you desire in a man, it's important that you start off this section by answering the following questions: "What would I want 'him' to love about me?", "What would I want 'him' to love about life?", "What would I want 'him' to love more than me?", and then you can move on to the attributes that you're looking for in a man. Yes, you can now discuss the physical but it is important that you really consider the importance of it. Once you're done with all of this, number each thing by most important (1) to least important (100) thing to you when it comes to your perfectly imperfect man -- in pencil of course. Then use another blank sheet to set your personal standards. Make a list of personal vows and standards to yourself, and then say I do. You can't expect to say I do to him, without saying I do, to you first. Perhaps you'll vow not to have sex on the first date. Perhaps you'll vow to be a friend before trying to be a girlfriend. Perhaps you'll vow not to beg a man for love. Perhaps you'll vow not to look for love, but to let love find you. Write your personal vow to self, and then seal it with a kiss. Yes, put on your favorite lipstick and kiss the page. Fact of the day: The kiss dates back to the earliest days of civilization in Ancient Rome and in the Middle East. A kiss was used as the formal seal to agreements, contracts, etc. Hence, the obvious use of the custom at the end of the wedding ceremony- to "seal" the marriage vows.

[4] Become your own Obsession: Self Interview Questions. Here are one, two, three, four, five websites that are full of fun and mind boggling questions for you to ask yourself. For the final week of the FOCUS segment you are to use up 10 pages, yes 10 whole pages (or 5 front and back), to write down and jot down things about yourself! Things that you love, want, dream of, and even hate. What are your favorite colors? What do you love the most about yourself? What are your favorite foods? What's something spontaneous that you'd love to do? What's your dream date? What are your pet peeves? What was your most embarrassing moment? The questions will truly make you think and you'll really question how well you know yourself. Print off your questions and do them during a commercial break of your favorite show. Have fun, get to writing, and get to knowing! Now that you have laid everything else out in the first few weeks of the Reset, you are now ready for the Q&A segment! Consider this a personal interview and the start of your journey to self understanding and love.
[5 & 6] Tackle your Goal Sheet & Spring Clean along the way! That's right! Start tackling the things on your goal sheet and make the necessary adjustments to your list that was made about a month ago! And if you find yourself idle and not doing much, begin Spring Cleaning. Sometimes when there is so much going on around us (in our rooms, for example), we lose focus because we're trying to get it all sorted. Sort your surrounding environment so there is room left for you to sort through your mind! Trash old papers, give away old clothes, and dust neglected corners. Spring Clean & tackle your goals! An empty mind is the devil's playground so always have something worthwhile to do!

[7] Create matra & daily affirmation list. "I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. Through gratitude my world expands". "Each day I take a small step toward achieving my goals". "I am willing to try new things courageously". These are some positive daily affirmations that serve as constant reminders throughout the day. But when it comes to your life and all that you are and want to be, what are some things that keep you grounded and pushing forward? This week's project is to create a list of personal mantras and affirmations that you will say throughout the day. Here are a list of daily affirmations that'll help you based on the situations that you are in and want to be in. And here is a website that will help you understand and come up with your own personal mantras. Use as many pages necessary to make your list, but be sure to leave at least two pages blank in the event that you need to add some more. Tip: Have an index card folded in your wallet or in your car and pull it out throughout the day and recite the positive sayings. This will remind you to stay positive and will help you look forward. The key to doing this successfully is to say each affirmation with your eyes closed, repeatedly, and to process the thought of what you're saying. Seeing is believing. "Positive affirmations will attract positive events into your life. In a study, it is said that the brain rewires itself after every major experience a person goes through. With this being said, constant repetition of something will create and strengthen new connections in the brain. If you begin to develop a belief in something that you say or repeatedly think, the brain will rewire itself and bring your thoughts into a physical form. Remember that the body is controlled by the brain, whatever the brain thinks the body will manifest. The brain controls the body through hormones, if the brain thinks that the body is in trouble, the brain will then release adrenaline. This happens since the brain wants the whole body to enter the fight or flight response state. If the brain senses happiness it will release Endorphins; through this hormone, the whole body reacts appropriately to happy thoughts or events. Affirmations can make drastic changes in your life, if the brain finally believes the thought or word you say or think; the brain will release the right hormone to make what you think or say physically felt by the body. The universe will give you what you think of or say; and this is the primary premise of positive affirmations" - Source. Don't wait for a fortune cookie to tell you what you want to hear, create your own positive statements to confidently live by.

[8] Holiday plan! Start making a list of the people that you plan on giving gifts to. Below each, jot down a few gift ideas along with a budget for each person. Be diligent and thoughtful, listen to the small things that your loved ones say that they need and want and tailor your gift choices to best fit those desires. A thoughtful gift doesn't have to be an expensive one. Perhaps your mother loves watching HGTV and other interior design networks, you could get her some weekend design lessons that may be taking place downtown. Or perhaps your dad always talks about wanting to go fishing, you can buy him a rod. Other great gift ideas include: gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, dance classes, and/or day cruise tickets. Along with gift planning start figuring out where and how you're going to spend your holidays. My family feeds the homeless on Thanksgiving morning, a tradition we've done for the past three years. You can even make surprise visits to family members homes that you haven't seen since you were a child. Make this holiday season mean more than just tangible gifts. Make sharing the gift of love your number one priority.
[9] Goal Focus. It's important that throughout this process we don't lose sight of the goals that we are working hard towards. Week Nine will be dedicated strictly to accomplishing at least two of the goals on our goal sheet.

[10] Release. Remember that list from week two? It's now time to give it one more read, rip it out, and to let it go (in the ocean if you're dramatic). This is your day to let go of all of the hostility, anger, and frustration you may have been holding in and for you to let your inner self know that you no longer want it to suffer. But don't only forgive those who have hurt you, ask for forgiveness for yourself and forgive yourself. After letting go, use a fresh page to list a few tips that'll help you when negative thoughts try to reconsume you. Although it is important to let go, it is more important not to relapse. The catch? You can only use one page, the front of one page. You no longer will contribute an abundance of anything to present/past people or feelings.

[11] Send yourself flowers for a random date next year & attach a note. That's right! Save up some money and send yourself flowers for a random date next year. Attached have a note that means something to you -- whether that be one of the mantras or affirmations you found most helpful during your life reset or whether that be something encouraging to tell yourself in the event that you are sad or doubtful, make a statement that matters, to you. You now know yourself enough to know what that is. But don't schedule that delivery for early 2013, schedule it for this time next year and be sure to set an alarm in your phones calendar for the day after you plan on giving yourself those flowers. That way, if the company fails to deliver them -- you'll be reminded to call them.

[12] Celebrate. Remember that list of things you love? Now it's time to indulge. Treat yourself to a few things on that list and celebrate your new life! Perhaps you'll go bungie jumping like you've always wanted to or perhaps you'll throw a cooking party at your condo like you've always planned! No it's not your birthday, but it is a time celebrate YOU. No one can appreciate you like you can, so show yourself a little love. Also, take a vacation and live vicariously through the life of another through purchasing and reading a novel. Buy a book about a girl like you or a person who interests you and spend the remainder of the year reading during your downtime. Indulge in fictional characters and yourself instead of obsessing over the life of your peers. Books can take you places you may never go and characters can open your eyes to a life you never had. Reading books can be a humbling experience that will show you that people aren't always what they seem to be on the outside and that everyone life has it's share of problems. A lesson necessary for changing your mindset when you get back to the outside world and back to seeing others you once envied from time to time.

We once didn't have control over the narration of our lives,
But now that we're the authors, each step is a word on the page of our eternal legacies.
Will yours be worth reading?

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