November Collective Thrift Haul

Something I love more than shopping is shopping on a budget!  My love of thrift started many years ago, when my mother and I would spend hours upon hours in our local thrift and consignment shops for gems.  I would love finding one-of-a-kind pieces and challenging myself to style each piece with my own personal flair.  Much hasn't changed over the years, as you can still find me in my local shops, perusing the aisles, stripping down my layers in their centers, hoping the goodies I find fit well. And since I have yet to share any shopping chronicles with you guys, I decided this month would be a great time to start sharing hauls with you!

I prepare for each trip by making a list of possible things I hope to find while shopping.  It takes some of the guesswork out of the endless aisle browsing and it works for me, so that's how I tackle each store.  For the month of November, I was looking for solid color button-downs (preferably in fall colors) and blazers (which are ALWAYS on my list, as they are a wardrobe staple for me).

I tend to look for button-downs in thrift and consignment shops because, let's face it, they're pretty expensive in retail stores--especially for those with larger busts.  In this month's shopping, I was able to score five nice button-ups all for a little over $3 each.

Amazingly enough, the teal Perry Ellis and striped 1901 shirts still had tags on them!  And to think I got the same 1901 shirt listed here for $3, roughly 10% of what I would have paid for it in Nordstrom.  If you may be wondering, yes these are both technically men's shirts. I have a tendency to travel to the men's section when I can't find any button-ups for the ladies that fit. The pink, orange, and black printed blouse was definitely a wildcard for me, as I don't wear too many prints.  But it looked fun and since I was only paying $3 for it, I thought why not?  

I also scored four blazers for around $4 each.  And check out the cute animal print tie I got for $1!

This navy blue Lauren by Ralph Lauren blazer shown above also still had the tags on it.  I think it is my favorite piece of the month, as it can be paired with almost anything and fits perfectly!

I already have my list ready for next month. I'm hoping to find some great polka-dot pieces, stripes, sequins, and a few cardigans.

So have you been thrifting lately?  What did you buy?  
And how would you style any of the above pieces?
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