What to Wear: Winter Holiday Edition

Alas, the holidays are approaching. Many of us (probably everyone except me) have decorated our Christmas trees, adorned our living quarters with tinsel, and have decked the halls with boughs of holly.  The spirit of Christmas has began falling upon us.  And while we create those Christmas shopping lists and pull out those Christmas classic albums from our CD cases, many of us also begin to consider what we'll be wearing.  Just the thought of gathering with friends and loved ones has me scrolling my mental wardrobe notes, wondering what I have to wear that will express how excited I am to be celebrating the holiday season once more.  So in my excitement, I turned up my Boyz II Men Christmas tunes and created three cute outfit choices via Polyvore.  Check them out below:

Holiday Look 1
I created this look with heavy traveling and good eating in mind. My family and I do a bit of traveling during the holidays, in hopes to visit all parts our blended families. I wanted to still bring the glam factor with the shimmery Michael Kors sweater, yet feel comfortable. This is pulled off effortlessly with the jeans and Ash Bowie sneaker wedges (you guys know how much I love these!). The Kiss necklace adds a personal touch to accessorizing, while the gold studs and neutral Elliot Lucca satchel keep things simple. My look will more than likely lean towards something styled like this option.

Holiday Look 2
If I decide to step my game up just a little, this would be the look to go for. The sheer leopard print top and rider leggings are cute and trendy, but are paired with nude pumps and bag to give it a more chic look. If the shirt appears too short to be paired with leggings to you, the Vivienne Westwood knitted collar coat covers the curves nicely. And it just wouldn't be me if I didn't add some NARS lipstick and an O.P.I. manicure (with polishes from the James Bond Collection) to the mix. In this look I spy an item from my Christmas wishlist. Can you guess which item it is?

Holiday Look 3
Now with this look, I went all out. This is the option for the annual Christmas party or maybe even that New Year's Eve extravaganza you're planning to show up to fashionably late. Remember, you can't go wrong with leopard prints, tights, and plum lipstick! And again, I spy an item from my Christmas wishlist in this look. I bet you know which item it is by now!

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