Mind Right Mondays: Goals, Gratitude, and Accountability

Hey guys! I'm linking up again with Dani of Ok, Dani again this week for her Mind Right Mondays Linkup.  Along with sharing my goals and gratefuls, I will be sharing how I did with my goals for last week. Let's go!

My major intent for the week is to: Take it easy. Seriously.

Ok, I have learned that I can't do everything on my own. I need help. I wish I were Superwoman-- Superwife or Supermama or Super-something, but I'm not. That's why I have to be more proactive about making sure everyone does their part within the home. I've also realized that any self-exhaustion I've experienced lately has been self-induced. I'm trying to do too much, which winds up being nothing at all. I can't take care of everyone, be the best wife I can be, or be the best mother I can be until I take care of myself (just a little). 

My goals for the week:

Continue to devote first waking moments to prayer and meditation
Get out and do something for myself outside of the home
Be more present--unplug and disconnect from everything at least two days this week
Call and connect with a friend 
Take care of personal affairs I've postponed for yet another week
Complete my resolutions chart (inspired by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin)

I am truly grateful for:

-The beautiful memories.... Being able to recall precious moments I've shared with my Grandma Lou and all of the stories she's told me over the years.
-Family near and far.
-The ability to write to express myself-- while I have not always been able to vocalize my thoughts or find a better way to communicate my deepest concerns, I've been pretty nice with the pen over the years. It really helps in times when I need to vent!
-The beautiful fall scenery.
-Being able to fill my home with the beautiful voices of Sarah Vaughan and Solange when I'm in a mood.
-A home ideal for my family.
-J, Corey, Gabs, Jj, and Nino ;-)


Devote first waking moments to meditation and prayer  GOOD JOB!
Clean the bedroom at the end of the hall (oh how dreadful that sounds!) FAIL
Plan and prep meals for the week  GOOD JOB!
Handle business affairs that I've been postponing for weeks FAIL
Do inventory on the kids' closets and clothing
Clean out my inbox and reply to all emails PARTIAL..
Schedule and brainstorm blog post ideas GOOD JOB!
Get into it with my squats and crunches FAIL
Finish my Christmas shopping list 

I achieved over half of my goals for the week, so for that  I am proud.  I've been doing a good job with getting into my prayer and meditation as soon as I wake up. I kept it on the list for this week so that if I keep it up continuously, it will become a habit.

Cleaning the bedroom at the end of the hall just seems like such a daunting task! I don't know how I thought I could get that entire room together at one time. I'll break this task down into parts so that I can have it done before Thanksgiving.

I also really have to get my fitness together.  I didn't do any working out, any cardio, or any crunches last week.  I'm not even gonna put it on the list for this week--maybe I'll surprise myself and do something anyways!

What are some of your goals for the week?
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