Pink Wednesday: 3D Pearl Manicure

Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! If you have been keeping up with this blog for a while, you already know that we like to wear pink around these parts come Wednesday. And since it's been a long time since I've done a manicure post, I knew I had to share my current manicure with you guys.  

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen the excitement I showed when receiving this Academy of Color Embellish 3D Manicure Set from Kemba of Beauty By Kemba.  I had expressed how much I wanted to try the "caviar manicure" a while back on my Facebook Fan Page, so receiving this package from Kemba was right on time.  Not only was I able to try the caviar manicure trend, I was able to try it using my favorite color!

I was hyped to see that creating the caviar manicure is quite simple.  All I had to do was apply two coats of the polish to each nail, then pour the beads onto the nails while still wet. Then, after applying the beads, gently press the beads down into the polish.  After about 15 minutes or so, the manicure was dry and I was good to go!

And since this was my first time trying this set, I decided to just do a caviar accent on my ring fingers.  You guys know much I like a simple manicure with an accent nail, right?  It made the manicure so much easier to do, by the way.  For the finishing touches, I added Out the Door Top Coat to my manicure.

What are your nails looking like this week, ladies? 
Have you ever tried the caviar nails trend? Love it or hate it? 
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

CURRENTLY: 10.28.13

(inspired by Chymere)

In Lust With: The smell of fresh flowers, peppermint, and wild berry cheesecake in the morning. I have these wild berry cheesecake wax bars that I buy every time I'm in Walmart so that I never run out of the scent and so my home always smells like them.  The scent combined with fresh flowers (usually daisies or roses) and the peppermint oil I use in the mornings (to open up my nasal passages) is like heaven.  It truly smells like home around here (and not dirty diapers lol).

In Love With: The TV show New Girl.  I don't know why I didn't start watching it when it first aired, but I should have.  Thanks to Netflix, I was able to catch up with ease, though. Jessica Day is so fun to watch, as she is always so upbeat and quirky.  I swear she makes up a song for everything lol.  Her and Nick make the cutest couple I've seen on TV in a while.

Missing: Those Friday and Saturday night chats I used to have with my friends + J's friends back at our first spot.  Man, listen--- we used to talk about some of everything! We would fire up the grill, play cards, watch movies, and have all kinds of male versus female debates.  Now that I look back on it, I really do miss the closeness we all shared and the lessons I learned from those talks.  We need to bring those days back!

Can't Live Without: The goodness that is those Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Now that there is no more baby in-utero, I feel like I can indulge in cookies to my heart's content (not really, but you get the idea). I keep a couple of packs stashed in the cabinets around here in case of an emergency.

Obsessing over:  Capturing memories of everything.  With Jj growing like a weed and changing everyday, I find myself taking so many random shots of him.  I take pictures of his smile, his laugh, and even his stank face (yes, he has one already). I record him cooing all the time.  And not only am I capturing shots of his milestones, I'm taking pictures of everything everyone is doing around here.  I'm snapping pics of Gab and Core riding their bikes and playing kickball in the yard (thank God for the yard!) because they seem to be having so much fun.  It's like lately I don't want to miss a beat.  I guess it's because I'm finally realizing that they won't be this small for long.  Oh, and I try to take pics of my husband J cooking, but he isn't having it!

Working On: Holiday plans. I'm not sure if it's too early to get started on my planning, but I'm too excited not to! I've already planned my Thanksgiving menu, my shopping lists for Christmas, and even a few things for mom's Tree Trimming party this year.  I'm still debating on having a NYE party at the end of the year, but I have a couple of things in mind-- just in case.

Reading: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  In fact, my beautiful blogger buddy Daja has a book club hosted by her blog, No Boiz Allowed.  In this book club, all participants will be reading The Happiness Project starting on Friday, November 1st.  For more information, click the link here!  If you're interested in reading The Happiness Project along with us, leave a comment!

Listening To: I've had Nothing Was the Same by Drake, The Electric Lady by Janelle Monae, Love & War by Tamar Braxton, and Three Kings by TGT in heavy rotation for the last month. Seems like I've been listening to "Wu Tang Forever" by Drake and "Bad Things" by Cults (thanks J. Cole) on repeat these last few days.

Favorite Visual: The leaves falling from the trees. I'm too hype about finally having trees :D  And what better time to enjoy the scenery than the fall?

Favorite Sound:  The falling rain.  Though I tend to complain a lot when it rains, the rainfall at night is quite relaxing.  Being nestled up in the dark listening to the raindrops falling is love!  It calms me and the little one down into the greatest of slumbers!

Over the Moon About: My approaching weekend getaway with hubby!  It's been too long since we've spent time together minus the children, especially since the little one arrived.  And now that I'm back to my old self again (you know, without 9 pounds of baby resting in my midsection lol) there's no telling what I may do the the poor man when we're alone.  Ok, that may be TMI.  But it is what it is. Get it how you live :D

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Fall Fashion Lookbook: Out to Lunch

Fellow stay-at-home mommies, how often do you find the time to get out without the kiddies? I find that it has been quite the chore as of lately. It seems that the only time I can get out is to purchase groceries and other household items. Thankfully, I have been able to get out a few times to grab brunch or late lunches with my girlfriends and my best girl. And so I don't get stuck in that rut of just wearing sweatpants and tees, I make a habit of still dressing my personal best--even if I am just going to the local diner. Below are a few looks from my Fall Fashion Lookbook that have inspired my everyday or as I've been calling them, "out to lunch" looks.

Featuring the Mustard Pant
Mustard and red are two colors I've enjoyed incorporating into my fall looks.  And I'm just loving the red, mustard, and leopard print look paired together! The texture that the Charlotte Olympia suede heels and the Seven for All Mankind corduroy pants add to the look are perfect for the season. Throwing in a simple statement necklace, such as this Tory Burch dragonfly pendant, adds just a touch of personality to the mix. The eye makeup shown here with the classic red lip would go perfect with this look for me also!

Oxblood + Hearts
I have to admit, Oxblood is one color that I totally fell in love with last fall. It's no surprise that I would still be rocking it this fall-- from my tops, to my shoes, and even on my nails. Though this is a basic look that can easily be pulled together, I love what the statement making button-up adds to the look.

Out to Lunch
I love how warm and cozy this Fat Face Astrid cable back sweater is. Of course, warm and cozy things are something we love to dress up the most with in fall, right? Paring the sweater with these coral neon cigarette pants add to the classic feel of the look, while adding a fun splash of color to it also. And since I love the vivid color + leopard pairing, I just had to add this Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag to the mix. I would probably wear my hair up in a high bun for this look too!


My Lip "Picks" for Fall


One thing I am always very excited about in the fall season is the beauty trends.  I just love planning how I am going to incorporate color into my look-whether it's my makeup choices, my nails, or even my hair. The easiest way to incorporate color for me is always through my lip color.  I can't explain to you how amazing I feel when I apply my lipstick or lipgloss as I start my day-- it enhances my mood, expresses who I am, and makes others stop and notice from time to time also! Today I decided to share my obvious lippie obsession with you by posting a few tubes of lipstick and gloss from my stash that I'll be using a lot this fall. I'll even throw in some swatches for good measure!

1. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Violetta
2. MAC Lipglass in All of My Purple Life (LE-Blogger's Obsession Collection)
3. MAC Lipglass in Wrong Spell (LE-Venomous Villains Collection)
4. MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine (LE-Reel Sexy Collection)
5. MAC Seasoned Plum Pro LongWear Lip Creme (LE Daphne Guinness Collection)
6. MAC Riri Woo Retro Matte Lipstick (Riri  MAC Collection)
7. MAC Lipglass in Athena's Kiss (LE-Wonder Woman Collection)
8. MAC Lipstick in Spitfire (LE- Wonder Woman Collection)

Below are the lip swatches. Nevermind the fact that I am not wearing a full face of makeup, honey.  
It was all about the lipstick here, okay? Lol

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Violetta
MAC Lipglass in All of My Purple Life 
MAC Lipglass in Wrong Spell 
MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine (right)

MAC Seasoned Plum Pro LongWear Lip Creme
MAC Riri Woo Retro Matte Lipstick
MAC Lipglass in Athena's Kiss 
MAC Lipstick in Spitfire (right)


If you have any questions about these lippies or would like to see looks using these lippies, let me know in the comments!

Fall Fashion Lookbook: Cute + Comfy

Hey ladies! Are you enjoying this Fall weather yet? I must say that I am glad it is finally cooling down and the Fall season is upon us. I love the feel of warm and cozy sweaters, trading my sandals for boots and sneakers, and stepping out in a colorful peacoat! How about you?

One of the main things I love about the Fall season is the outdoor activities that take place in the Fall-- namely fairs, parades, and festivals. These events call for warm, comfortable clothing, plenty of energy to walk around, and a healthy appetite for good food! To prepare myself and my closet for these events, I went to my trusty Polyvore account and created some outfits for a little style inspiration. Check out the "cute + comfy" portion of my Fall Fashion Lookbook below.

Purple Heart
Statement-Making Top with Dark Jeans and Flats is the perfect combination for fall festivities.  It allows me to be comfortable, look cute, and stand out with little effort. I'm really loving these Old Navy Rockstar Coated Wash Super Skinny Jeans in Black Jack paired with the Lipsy All Over Heart Jumper, and the Zara Leather City Bag.

Arizona Tea Sippin'
Again, the Statement-Making pullover is a winner for me, here.  I love this Arizona Green Tea sweatshirt.  It matches the Pink and Grey 13s perfectly-- as I'm sure I'll wear sneakers more than anything else with all the walking most festivals call for. I even added the Nikon camera for the capturing of the memories my family will make.  I'll also remember to keep my lips hydrated with Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm (Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition) in Pink Guava.  

Cool + Casual + Kicks
If you didn't see enough of my love for pink, Nike, or the Old Navy Rockstar Jeans in the last looks, there's more of it here. While the Nike Dunks make the look more dressed down, the hint of pink adds to the femininity of the look.The Michael Kors bag and the charm bracelet from Debenhams make the look more feminine also.  This, ladies, is effortlessly cute!

I adore this Alloy Off-Shoulder Dolman Sweater. It's a top that can be dressed down or up, in my opinion. I styled it here with the H&M Stretch Trousers, the Lilac Flats from Modcloth and the Kate Spade Crossbody Bag to create another effortlessly cute and comfortable look.  Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear in the Fall, so I wanted to incorporate a bit of the hue here. And of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't add a pair of big bamboo earrings into the mix.



He's Here!

Alas, after 39 weeks, 6 days, 3 hospital visits, several appointments to the ob/gyn and maternal-fetal center, and 7 hours of active labor-- my 8 lb 13 oz baby boy was born! Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Jj.

As many of you may already know, this is baby number three for me. And let me tell you, every experience I've had with childbirth has been different. While I was younger and less experienced with my older son and daughter, I felt more at ease in my pregnancy with Jj. I was more relaxed, I was less stressed (until moving time came in August), and I was more in tune with my body. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same body or energy I had at 19 or 21, so I had a few issues with blood pressure and fatigue. Nevertheless, I pulled through that labor like a gangster for real and am bouncing back much better than I did with my other two children. Now ain't that something?

In the meantime, I am falling in love with this little guy more and more each day. He will be three weeks old this week and I swear my love grows stronger by the moment. It amazes me how happy he seems to be-- always cooing and smiling (unless it's gas lol) and how much sleep he's letting me get so far (win, win!). He does sleep longer in the daytime than at night, but I'm sure he'll get straight on that with time. He has a hearty appetite already-- just like his daddy lol. And he's in awe of his big brother and sister, as they can't wait to get home from school so they can ooh and aww over him in the evenings. I would say we are all adjusting well to the new addition to the family.

Overall, my pregnancy has been a beautiful experience. My husband has truly been my rock through everything and my two oldest babies have been a great big brother and sister so far. I've had such a great support system also-- among others, my mom has went above and beyond the call of duty and my bestie (aka Jj's godmommy) has been such a huge help to me. I could not have asked God for better. With the help of a great family and awesome group of friends, I am confident that our transition from a party of four to a party of five will continue to be seamless 

So what have I been missing out here in the blogosphere?  What have you guys been up to? I will be catching up on my blog reading and visiting today, so I hope to see more from you guys. Wave, wink, leave me a comment and let me know you all are still hanging in here with me! :-)

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