The Weekend Lover: Maxwell

How can you not love a face like that?  I fell in love, first with his voice while riding in my cousin's car after school one day.  Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) was playing on the radio and she was singing each lyric to the top of her lungs.  I begged her to turn the volume up, partly to tune her out, but mostly to hear more of what this man with the beautiful voice was singing about.  Weeks later, she had Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite on cassette tape and we were able to listen to all of his songs as many times as we wanted to.  Well, at least until she dropped me off.

Since I've taken a trip back down memory lane, I decided to share a few of my Maxwell faves with you guys.  Hope you don't mind!

Are you feeling the Maxwell love?  If so, what is your favorite Maxwell song?
What are you listening to this weekend?
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