REVIEW: SLAY by Brittney Morris

SLAY by Brittney Morris is about a 17-year old black girl named Kiera Johnson, who seemingly leads an ordinary life from the outside looking in. She lives in the suburbs of Anytown, USA with her parents and younger sister, Steph. She and Steph both attend Jefferson Academy, a preparatory high school where they, along with Kiera’s boyfriend Malcolm, are the only black students.

Having previously attended a predominantly-black school, Kiera is all too familiar with code-switching and being the “black authority” to her best friend Harper and her other classmates. Aside from holding it down as her boyfriend Malcolm’s “queen,” Kiera seems to have no safe space where she can just be herself.

That is, until we find out that she is not only a gamer, but game developer of super popular virtual reality game SLAY. It’s a multiplayer universe similar to Black Panther’s Wakanda, where Kiera reigns as character “Emerald.”

Kiera has been running this game for three years, while her family, friends, and even her boyfriend are none the wiser. No one realizes Kiera even plays video games. Kiera feels safe in her virtual fantasy world until tragedy strikes, bringing her perfectly crafted virtual oasis, SLAY to the headlines of international news.

Natural Fall Makeup with Believe Beauty

Fall is officially here, ladies and gentlemen! And I, for one, am so excited about it. As much as I love packing away my warm weather clothing for apparel suited for cooler temps, I get more hype about updating my makeup bag. This means swapping my BB cream and tinted moisturizer for foundation, using darker, deeper eyeshadows, and pulling my nude, wine, and berry colored lipsticks out. And if you're like me and love taking long walks down the beauty aisle, updating that makeup bag can become expensive if you're not careful.

That's why I've recently gotten familiar with the Believe Beauty line that launched this Spring in Dollar General. This line has quality, cruelty-free cosmetics with each item retailing for $5 or less. And it has everything from lipsticks, base products, and eye makeup on down to nail polish and beauty tools. Does that make your beauty-loving heart as happy as it does mine?

Since I've been grabbing for said Believe Beauty products exclusively at Dollar General so much lately, I decided I would not only share the products but the look I achieve while using them. Read more below to check out each step I took and each Believe Beauty product used for this easy look.
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