Product Review: Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash

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Product Overview:  Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash is one of three creme body washes in the Dove VisibleCare with NutriumMoisture  line.  Like the Renewing and Softening options, this body wash was designed to nourish and replenish skin, giving its users visibly softer, smoother skin in a week's time (with daily use).  Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash is infused with Vitamin E (a known antioxidant) and helps build skin's strength and elasticity.

Thoughts Upon Initial Use:
  • Packaging-  I love the packaging of this product.  It stands easily in the shower without having to be turned upside down and does not drip from the bottle with re-positioning.
  • Scent-  It has a powder fresh scent that appeals to me.  Though I enjoy the occasional fruity or floral scent, the clean scent of Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body is very refreshing.  Even after the body wash rinses away, a hint of the clean scent remains on your skin.
  • Lather and Consistency-  I love the rich, thick lather it creates.  The smallest amount softly nourishes the skin, keeping it feeling moisturized even after the product rinses away.  I would apply this product to a loofah rather than a cloth because of its thickness, however both can be used.

This is more than enough body wash for one use.  See how thick it is?

Overall Thoughts After Ten Days Use:  While the product claims one will have "visibly more beautiful skin" in just one week, it is hard for me to distinguish a difference in my skin's appearance.  However, after ten days' use, my skin feels much softer and smoother than before.  Usually an exfoliation of some sort is the only thing that gives my skin this "baby" smooth-to-the-touch feeling.    I can't wait to see the difference it makes to my skin with three weeks' use!

*The rich lather the product makes with such a small amount of product also shows how long-lasting one bottle of body wash can be.  I like to keep price and quality of product in mind when I am purchasing beauty, skin and body care products.*

Recommended: Yes
Pros: great packaging, fresh clean scent, moisturizing
Cons: none
Price: approximately $8.00
Where to Buy: Walmart, Kmart, Target, and most drugstores
Overall Score: A

Ladies, will you be trying Dove VisibleCare Toning Creme Body Wash? If you are looking for a moisturizing, toning product to get your body summer ready, be sure to give it a try!

Disclosure:  I received  "Dove Toning Creme Body Wash" complimentary from Dove for testing and review purposes.   I was, however, under no obligation to write a review for this product. Thoughts about this product are 100% honest and unbiased.

I Do... The Wedding Playlist


Upon us is the season of wedded bliss.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, chances are if you haven't been invited to a wedding recently, you know someone who is getting married or is planning a wedding right about now.  In the mix of wedding planning comes finding the perfect songs to provide a soundtrack to these precious memories.  Check out my ultimate wedding playlist below.

1. Give Me You- Mary J. Blige
2. Forever- R. Kelly
3. Gotta Be- Jagged Edge
4. Ribbon in the Sky- Stevie Wonder
5. The Only One for Me- Brian McKnight
6. Everytime I Close My Eyes- Babyface
7. Spend My Life- Tamia and Eric Benet
8. Always and Forever- Heatwave
9. Always- Atlantic Starr
10. I Believe in You and Me- Whitney Houston
11. For You I Will- Monica
12. I Found My Everything- Mary J. Blige
13. When I First Saw You- Jamie Foxx and Beyonce'
14. Love U 4 Life- Jodeci
15. Lifetime by Prophet Jones
16. Happily Ever After- Case
17. At Last- Etta James
18. That's How Strong My Love Is- Alicia Keys
19. Crazy Over You- 112
20. Adore- Prince

These two are favorites of mine I wanted to add to the mix. These are only for the brave!

1. Love of my Life- Erykah Badu
2. I Choose You- Willie Hutch

(Too bad hubs didn't want me to walk down the aisle to Willie Hutch! It would have been ON! LOL)

And what's a wedding playlist without a daughter and father dance? This was my daughter and father dance song.  And yes, I cried.

What songs would you want or had played at your wedding?

What Ever Happened To.. Monifah?

Monifah as Billie Holliday

I remember back in 1995 when I first heard the song "I Miss You" by Monifah featuring Heavy D.  It was playing on the radio in the car as I was riding home from a weekly trip to Walmart with mommy.  Monifah's voice was fresh and new then, full of soul and emotion.  She totally convinced me with her sultry sound that she was missing someone.  And because the radio's DJ didn't announce the song's artist at the beginning nor the end of the song, I found myself up all night hoping to hear the song again so I could dub it onto one of my tapes!  You know you all did that back in the day, too!  Well needless to say, I got Monifah alright, and a couple of Right On! magazines from the local grocery store to make me an official fan.  Monifah became one of my favorite singers of the time.

In Monifah's time in the spotlight, she released three studio albums- Moods..Moments, Mo'hogany, and Home.  The last I've heard from her, she was seen in Michael Baisden's play Men Cry in the Dark.  Does anyone know what she is up to now?

While we are all reminiscing on Monifah, check out some of her hits, featuring my three faves, I Can Tell, Touch it, and Nana featuring Chico Debarge.

My Favorite Springtime Lipsticks

Today's post is all about lipsticks that I feel are perfect for the Springtime.  Lately I've been incorporating each of these shades into my makeup looks.  Check them out below:

Two of the lipsticks I've been wearing this Spring come from the Covergirl Lip Perfection line. 

CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Flame is a beautiful red shade that is sure to stand out in a crowd.  I love wearing it as an alternative to a bold red lip.  This color is more fun and flirty than most reds, in my opinion.

CoverGirl Lip Pefection in Divine is a beautiful violet shade that is very comparable to MAC's Up The Amp.  It has a very creamy finish and has become one of my all-time lipstick favorites.  I don't think I've seen a shade quite like this with any other drugstore brands.  Both lipsticks have great color payoff and are very moisturizing.  They can be found at CVS and other locations, retailing at $7.99.  Below are swatches.

Another drugstore favorite of mine this season is Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

This lippie is very moisturizing, as are all of the Revlon Lip Butters I have tried.  It gives a sheer color payoff and works well for an everyday look.  This lippie can be found at CVS and other stores, retailing at $7.49. Check out the swatch below.

The rest of my Springtime favorites are MAC Viva Glam Gaga, Viva Glam Nicki, Morange, and Impassioned.

Viva Glam Gaga is a bubble-gum pink color with a Lustre finish.  The color payoff is buildable and can be worn by anyone of any shade, if paired with the right lipliner.  

Viva Glam Nicki is described on MAC's website as a bright yellow pink and has a Satin finish.  This color is one that may take some tweaking to achieve a desired look.  Matched with the perfect lipliner, however, many can pull off wearing this neon color.

Morange is described on the website as a "loudmouth orange" and is considered that for good reason.  This is a very bold, vibrant shade, and its Amplified finish makes it that much more vivid.  This shade is from the permanent line and is also featured in the new MAC Fashion Sets Collection Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, and Latin America and Middle East.

Impassioned may be my favorite shade in the entire bunch.  This may be because Impassioned is an amped-up Fuchsia and Fuchsia is my favorite color.  It has an Amplified Finish and looks great on any skin tone.   This lipstick is from the permanent line and is also featured in the new MAC Fashion Sets Collection Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, and Latin America and Middle East.

Each shade can be purchased from MAC's website for $14.50.  Check out the swatches below:

Be on the lookout for makeup looks featuring these lippies coming soon!

Do you wear any of these shades?  If so, how do you feel about them? 
What lipstick shades are you wearing this season?  Please share in the comments!
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