February Wishes

And just like that, February is upon us. Just yesterday, I was pulling pictures from magazines, highlighting inspirational quotes, and perfecting my vision board. I was agonizing over lists of plans, ideas, and aspirations, only to find myself overwhelmed.

goal setting

 Last month, I decided I would abandon the idea of making resolutions all because 2014 didn't go as smoothly as I had planned. But then, as I began writing in my journal this morning (and rereading entries from previous months), I realized my plans, though well-intentioned, were terribly flawed. The first problem was that I had not fully surrendered my life nor my life's plans to Christ. As much as I've prayed and asked God to do this or work that out, I had not stopped to listen or acknowledge the plans He had for my life. Secondly, I simply was not putting in the work (nor did I have enough faith in myself or God to see things through). Now, as I take these two things into consideration, it seems I was doomed to fail from the start. How many of you guys have dealt with this same issue?
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