My Five Favorite Skincare Products from The Ordinary

As a skincare enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for the next best skincare products. Like the average consumer, I research products. I look online for their reviews. And because the promise of clear, radiant skin, I am convinced to take many of them home. Do they always meet my expectations? No. But is the pursuit of my skin's holy grail products still worth it? Absolutely. Because more often than not, I will find some pretty awesome goodies that fight for a spot in my daily skincare regimen. And if you've been reading here for a while, you know I have to share the goods with you guys, too!

While looking through previous skincare posts, I realized I did you guys a disservice. I have shared so much about The Ordinary brand for years through DMs, phone conversations, text messages, and emails, but I have never talked about them in depth here. A few years ago, I tried several of their products on a whim. Not only did they offer an array of products for my trouble areas (oily skin, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation), they came at such an amazing price point. And while I've tried a few products that did not work for me, I found quite a few that I repurchase + keep in stock around here. Today, I'll be sharing five of my favorite skincare products from The Ordinary and how I incorporate them into my regimen.

skincare for hyperpigmentation

Sundays at Dre's | Volume 2

Sundays either go one of two ways around my house. I'm either planning for the week: making lists, sorting laundry, prepping meals, and reviewing important documents, or I'm in a state of deep reflection: making note of what has or hasn't been working lately and brainstorming ways to make things better. This particular Sunday is looking like the kind that calls for reflection. As we settle into the last month of the year, I've been considering a lot of things that need work in my life.  And while I'm not one to lament too long on anything, I am one to turn up the blues to be my soundtrack music as I journal about it all.

A mood of this kind calls for something a bit jazzy. A little bluesy, even. So, this second edition of "Sundays at Dre's" reflects that exact feeling and mood.

sunday at dre's

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