Tuesday's Tunes: Volume 8

Happy Tuesday, guys and dolls! As it usually goes, I would like to thank you guys for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere today to check out the tunes I've been listening to.  Every now and again, which seems like more often than not, I have to share a few songs that take my mind back to beautiful memories of yesterday.  Doesn't it feel good to hear an old song and get flashbacks of good times, great friends, and fun places?  Tell me a couple of songs that give you those good vibes in the comments and be sure to check out the ones I've shared below.

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Feel the Funk by Immature- This song brings back all kinds of memories! If you checked out my last installment of Tuesday's Tunes, you could probably tell from my membership in the B2K fan club that I was first a fan of Immature. I used to love these guys! And this is my favorite song by them.  I remember the night my mom bought this tape for me from Walmart (probably tired of me trying unsuccessfully to dub it from the radio and felt sorry for me lol). I also remember the night my baby brother pulled all the tape from the plastic casing and ruined it! I believe I cried.  This video introduced an all-grown up Immature-- complete with the relaxers and the bob-dos for Batman and Romeo.  For some reason I thought this look was everything in elementary school. My, how trends change!

Never Forget You by Noisettes-  Shinghai Shinowa is so beautiful in this video! It's been one of my favorites since I first heard it as I started off on a trip to DC back in 2010.  I was so captivated by her unique sound that I googled nonstop until I found this group--The Noisettes.  I eventually got the album and also fell in love with party song Don't Upset the Rhythm also.  If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out Wild Young Hearts, as I'm sure you will enjoy!

Everything by Fefe Dobson- Talk about memories! I think about freshman year at WSSU each time I hear this song. I played it in the mornings when I cleaned my dorm, in the evenings when I studied, and when I entertained my friends at night.  And when I wasn't playing it on my laptop, MTV and VH1 were airing the video repeatedly. It was inevitable that I would soon become hooked to Fefe Dobson belting out lyrics with infectious vocals while strumming vicious chords on that guitar.  And believe it or not, I never get tired of the song.  

Girls Dem Sugar by Beenie Man- This song brings back thoughts of 2000, when I was young wild and free.  I would dance in the mirror to this song and get all hype when it was played at the dances. Nonetheless, dancing in the mirror didn't help my chances of appearing to have any rhythm, lol. It didn't stop me from yelling out "that's my song" every time I heard Beenie Man and Mya's vocals lull over that fierce rhythm either!

Bonnie and Shyne by Shyne- If this song doesn't take you back, I don't know what song will today! Every time I reference myself as the girl with the "little bit of MAC lipglass, hair in a bun well done," I am paying homage to Shyne and this track, it seems.  The beat is sickening, making me dance and wiggle my hips each time I hear it.  The lyrics, however, always made me ponder what it really meant to be a ride or die girl.  How many people will really be there with you through your worst and your best?



MANICure Monday: Mint Apple

Happy Monday, ladies! How you doin?  I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and that this week is off to a lovely start for all of you!  To start off this week's posts, I'm doing my usual MANICure Monday link-up hosted by the lovely ladies Lynn and Mimi.  

To get geared up for the Spring Season, I pulled out my Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Mint Apple and applied two coats.  This polish is a beautiful mint shade with a soft, shimmery finish.  I can already tell I'll be using this polish a lot this Spring!

And though this polish didn't need any extra sparkle, I couldn't help but add just a bit to the accent nails anyway.  For the added shine, I applied two coats of Confetti Nail Polish in Ice Ice Baby to my thumb nail and ring finger.  Do you notice the green flecks of shimmer?

And an added bonus to my manicure this week is this new product I'm using.  Are any of you like me and hate having to use two separate products as a top coat AND a base coat?  Well I've found a solution to that with this Revlon Multi-Care Base + Top Coat.  After I've worn this manicure for a while, I'll be able to give a better report about this product. For now, I'm just happy to have two products in one!

So what are your manicures looking like this week ladies?  Did you play it safe with familiar colors and acrylics or did you go bold this week?  Perhaps you decided to skip the polish altogether.  Either way, I would love to hear all about the details in the comments. Let me know! 

February Beauty Favorites

Hey ladies! Just wanted to do a quick post to share my beauty favorites for the month of February.  I was enjoying nude lips, plum lips (per usual), lilac pouts, mauve blush and products that helped give me a bit of a glow.  Check them out below!

I found myself applying The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost on the daily after my moisturizer and right before my primer (if I wore makeup).  It gave my face a radiant glow, makes it feel soft and silky, and smells so refreshing! The heavenly citrus-y smell is a great pick-me-up for the mornings also.  The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost can be purchased from The Body Shop.

Looking for something new to set my highlighted areas when applying foundation, I dug in my crate and brought out my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.  When I first got it, I only used it a few times to set my undereye concealer, but since I've been practicing to perfect my highlighting technique, I've found this most helpful. I purchased the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder from Makeup Mania.  There are different sizes and shades available also.

Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve has become my favorite blush over the months.  It is my favorite from the Milani line, and I find myself reaching for it everyday! I just love the mauve/plum flush it gives my complexion when I apply it.  Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve can be found at the Milani website as well as most drugstores.

I've been using the Avon Magix Illuminating Face Perfector as a primer for a while now and I must say I'm loving it.  I love that it applies as a soft gel and dries to almost a powdery consistency-- this is the perfect canvas for my otherwise oily skin!  It helps my foundation to glide on smoothly and makes my skin feel so soft!  Avon Magix Illuminating Face Perfector can be purchased from the Avon website or from your local Avon Independent Sales Representative.

I didn't play with too much lip color in February, but when I did I was constantly grabbing for these products, especially Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum.  It is the perfect plum lipstick! It has great pigment and is quite moisturizing.  Hot Plum has been my favorite lipstick this season so be prepared to see a couple of FOTDs featuring this lippie in the upcoming weeks!  Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum could be purchased at virtually any drugstore.
If you saw my Valentine's Day FOTD on Instagram or Facebook, you will see that I pulled my MAC Lipglass in Pink Poodle out of the stash! I've been loving this hot pink gloss lately and almost forgot I had it! MAC Tinted Lipglass in Pink Poodle can be purchased from your local MAC counter or from the MAC website.

I've been loving the lilac-hued lips lately, so my go-to lipstick + lipgloss combination last month was Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Oh La Lilac and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle.  It's like these two products were made to be paired!  I love the soft look they give combined.  Both Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Oh La Lilac and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle can be purchased at most drugstores.

Now lastly, but certainly not least are the nude lippies I was into for the month of February.  Since I was most often wearing a neutral look everywhere I went, I stayed grabbing for these three lippies.

I most often wore MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl (as it is one of my favorite nude lipsticks) and layered it with MAC Lipglass in Emancipation from the Wonder Woman LE Collection to make it last longer. Both were purchased from MAC, but Emancipation was LE and is no longer being sold.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Perfect is that rare nude that I keep in my purse. I love the doe-foot applicator and the fruity fragrance of the gloss. If I'm barely wearing anything at all, it's usually only an application or two of NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Perfect on my lips.  It can be purchased from Ulta, Cherry Culture, or the NYX website.


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