#SoDreDoesVinyl | Crenshaw by Nipsey Hussle

nipsey hussle vinyl

Turntable Tuesday is an IG segment my birthday twin + kindred spirit @lifeaccordingtorhonda and I started to showcase what's hot on our turntables these days. Whether it be our latest vinyl purchase or whatever is getting the most spins around our way, we want to share the deets with you guys every other Tuesday. Check the hashtag #2dopechicksgovinyl to follow along!

In this week's edition of #TurntableTuesday, I'm sharing my latest vinyl purchase: "Crenshaw" by Nipsey Hussle. "Crenshaw" is most known as the legendary mixtape that released 1,000 limited edition copies at $100 each through Nip's All Money In record label. This is one of my favorite mixtapes from Nip, as it illuminates a true talent, master storyteller hustling his way to the top, taking no days off. In the coming years we would realize the greatness that was Nipsey Hussle, witnessing his growth in the rap game as well his dedication to his community. Unfortunately his life was cut way too short, too soon. 

nipsey hussle vinyl

My favorite track from this mixtape is "All Get Right." Not only does it ride heavy, that sample from "Who Am I" by the O'Jays gives this track a smooth, old-school vibe. Nip's dreams were materializing and this was a declaration of sorts, for him and his camp. 

Other favorites are "H-Town," "Summertime in That Cutlass," "Come Over" and "Don't Take Days Off." Quite honestly, the whole mixtape rides for me. Some days "More or Less" is a vibe for me and some late nights I'm really feeling "4 In The Mornin." There's a track for all my moods. 

crenshaw nipsey hussle

What records have you been vibing to lately? 

And are you a Nipsey fan, too? 

If so, what's your favorite Nipsey Hussle song?

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