Soundtrack to My Life: Young'n Blues

Do you guys sit back and reminisce about those awkward teenage years?  You know, your first days of high school?  The days when parents just didn't understand?  When acne seemed to take over and our bodies morphed into beings of which we had no control?  Or how about your first date?   I'm sure you remember all those great times and not so great times right along with me.  In my second installment of the Soundtrack to My Life, I will be sharing the music that was a major part of my life in retrospect via the Teenage Years.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out Part One here.

In 2011

2011 was an amazing year.  Despite all of the internal issues and struggles we have dealt with and continue to carry in our hearts, we lived to tell the stories.  Some may have endured more treacherous losses than others, but for the most part, we can all say we are happy to be here.

In The Mood for Nude

Check out my nude look featuring my NYX Nude on Nude palette!

Products used:
e.l.f. Complexion Brush
Avon Healthy Makeup Concealer
Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Avon Magix Cashmere Finish Foundation
e.l.f. Blush in Blushing Rose
e.l.f. Crease Brush
e.l.f. Blending Brush
e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush
e.l.f. Defining Eye Brush
Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Nude on Nude Palette
These are the specific colors I am wearing!

mark. What a Line Felt Tip Eyeliner in Brownie Points
Maybelline "The Falsies" Mascara in Black
NYX Lipliner in Expresso
MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl

I even wore nude nails!!! 
Wet 'n' Wild Nail Color in Private View

Are you getting nude this season?

Soundtrack to My Life: The Wonder Years

What are you guys loving the most about the holidays?  Personally, one thing I'm loving about the holidays is all of the great Christmas music.  It's something about hearing Mariah Carey's Christmas album that makes me hopelessly nostalgic.  Blasting Jackson 5's Christmas collection reminds me of unwrapping presents in a warm, cozy house that smelled of vanilla and cinnamon simultaneously, surrounded by my younger sibs and loving parents.  We sang Christmas tunes, sipped hot chocolate, and enjoyed the love and warmth of family tradition.  These memories, along with other fond memories of childhood, are always set to motion with the spin of a song.

I say all this to express how much of an impact music has on our lives.  It can bring back the fondest of memories.  I was reminded of this recently after reading these posts from Socialite Dreams and Merely Marie.  Seeing how I am such a big tune-head and as easy as I can relate my life experiences to music, it was only fitting that I participated in this series as well.  Click read more to check out Part One.

The Weekend Lover: Tyrese

Ladies, this weekend's lover is none other than Tyrese. What is there not to love about this man? He has a soulfully sensual voice that will lure you to ecstasy in seconds. In fact, he is an award-winning vocalist and actor. He has recently added "author" to his collection of hats with his book How To Get Out Of Your Own Way. Not to mention, he has the physique of a greek god, sculpted to perfection. Whew, I love that man!

Though many know him from critically-acclaimed roles such as "Jody" from Baby Boy, "Roman" from the Fast and Furious franchise, or "O2" from Waist Deep, he will most significantly be known in my heart as one of my favorite R&B crooners. These are the songs that made me fall in love with Tyrese over and over again.

Are you a fan of Tyrese and his music?  If so, what are your favorite songs?

Dre's Christmas Wishlist

For some reason, I never share a Christmas wishlist.  Then I get frustrated when people tell me they never know what to buy me.  So in hopes of my husband or family members running across my blog before Christmas, I have decided to share my most wanted items here!

Cheap and Fabulous Mom Asks "Where Is the Love?"

Ladies and gents, I am proud to present to you a new mommy blogger who I am so elated to have crossed paths with.  Cheap and Fabulous Mom on a Nickel blogger Dee is a new blogger who gives the goods on her site about real life, motherhood, fashion on a "nickel", and many other things.  She is very genuine and inspirational, and I am happy to be sharing her words with you all.  Check out her feature, "Where Is the Love?" by clicking read more.

Save on Beauty and Fashion with Glitz Glam Budget

To all of my beautylicious divas on a budget: I have a treat for you! Today my guest blogger Silvana over at Glitz Glam Budget will be sharing Beauty and Fashion Saving Tips with you all. Feel free to take notes!
I have an insanely low beauty and fashion budget, yet a closet full of clothes and a vanity full of beauty products. Quite honestly there aren’t that many products that I actually pay full price, it is because I follow a few set of tips that allow me to not only purchase the same number of beauty and fashion items as I desire, yet save a ton of money!

Here are a few tips that will allow you to save on beauty and fashion products, yet be able to buy as much makeup and fashionable clothing items as you normally would:


♥ Sign up for weekly ads and register with your favorite stores and sites. You will be able to get in store coupons, extra savings, and online codes, which are not available to the general public. Also, many stores will email special invitations, free gifts with purchases, and free samples.

♥ Check the weekly newspaper and online ads before making any beauty purchases. What I have noticed is that stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens will compete with each other, so if you miss a sale in 1 store most likely the others will offer a very similar deal if not better that same week!

♥ Do invest in good skin care products! This is something I usually splurge on because having good, clean, clear skin is very important to me. I find that when my skin looks good I spend less money on makeup since I don't have to cover up as many blemishes.

♥ Make the Dollar Tree/Dollar General your best friend! Items like cotton balls, q-tips, makeup sponges, bobby pins are of the same quality whether you purchase them at a drugstore or a dollar store, you can easily save $2-3 on each item!


♥ Don't be afraid to search through bins and racks in order to find good deals on clothes. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but I've found that it is well worth it. Department store bins are always great, especially because you are purchasing high quality brand names, at discounted prices!

♥ Make sure you check the prices of clothing items as they are being scanned at the register; at times clothes are on sale, but the register doesn’t recognize it, so you end up paying full price for it. By the time customers realize they overpaid, they are already in the car or even at home, and don’t bother to go back and get the difference.

♥ You will get the best deals if you stock up on seasonal clothing as each season is ending. For maximum savings, look for shorts, bathing suits, and maxi dresses around October/November, and rain boots, sweaters, and coats during March/April.

♥ Visit your local discounted stores like Big Lots, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, for items like scarves, gloves, leggings, and shoes. I’ve found that the quality is just the same as department stores, but you will save 50-75% off each item.

Hopefully a lot of you will want to follow as many of these tips as possible, if you aren’t already doing so. Now days it’s very important to make a dollar stretch, to find as many good deals as possible, yet be able to buy good quality beauty and fashionable items! Please check out my blog Glitz Glam Budget for more budget friendly tips, bargain hauls, drugstore product reviews, and fashionably low priced clothing finds!

That's Not Odd, Is It?

Since I was put on to The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl a few months back, I've found myself celebrating awkward situations by laughing at J.  I find many of the episodes so intriguing because I can relate to them on so many levels.  In fact, I think J's peculiarities are universal.  In the spirit of J, I decided to make a list of a few off-center things I do to share in on those awkward moments we all experience.  I'll let you be the judge on how odd they all may be.
  1. After speaking to my neighbors when I leave out in the mornings, I find myself avoiding them for the rest of the day.  Am I supposed to speak again when I see them or put on another fake smile?
  2. I hate when people are talking around me when I'm typing.  I often find myself typing the words they're saying.
  3. I sometimes text people randomly to avoid conversations and eye contact from strangers.  I might have stranger phobia :(
  4. When I see misspelled words in text messages, I look at my keypad to see if the position of the correct letter is near the one misused.
  5. I separate my food by eating in sectioned plates (or will get two plates) so that my food doesn't touch.  
  6. I people watch. like. all. the. time.  I watch their mannerisms, hand gestures, and the way they communicate with others.  If we are engaged in conversation, I am probably studying your body language more so than what you are saying.  The eyes never lie, right?
None of these things are odd, are they?  What are some of the odd things you do?  Please share in the comments.

BTW, have you seen the latest episode of Awkward Black Girl?  Check it out here.

Girls Night in With Kimberly

Planning a fun night in with your girlfriends and have no clue where to start? Below Kimberly has creative ideas that will make for epic celebrations of friendship and good times.

What Ever Happened To Laurnea'?

Who remembers Laurnea?  She had an album circa 1998 called Betta Listen.  It featured songs like "Can't Let Go," "Sun Don't Rain," and the following song, "Infatuation."  This is, by the way, one of my favorite songs.  Where has this talented, soulful singer been?

How do you feel about this song?  Have you ever been this infatuated by someone?

Monday Dose of Diva: WOMANifesto

How many of you watched Black Girls Rock last night?  I was able to watch a segment of it and was very happy to see today's diva, Miss Jilly from Philly, perform the "Womanifesto" from her latest album, The Light of the Sun.

For years now, Jill Scott has been gracing us with her sultry voice, soulful songs, and recently, her powerful acting skills.   I remember first hearing her on the Roots singles "You Got Me" and "Complexity" wondering who the woman with the captivating voice was.  Now several hit singles ("A Long Walk," "Golden," and "Hate on Me" to name a few), albums, movies, a book and a baby later, we have the quintessential diva before us.

She makes me proud to be a woman, as she is not afraid nor ashamed to bear her sensual side.  She speaks proudly and with such an unapologetic authority, one can't help but take notice.  She embraces her womanly strength and femininity wholeheartedly, and that is why I admire her.

What is your favorite Jill Scott song?  
Can you identify with her music?

"Take Off The Blues" Sunday

Alas, today was a laid-back day at home.  My family and I did nothing special (other than my light afternoon thrifting) and all was calm in Miss Dre's neck of the woods.  This may seem like a mundane situation to some of you, but for those who know me personally know we haven't had many peaceful days lately.

Miss Dre's Signature Look

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a quick share of my everyday look as of lately.  I don't wear makeup every single day, but on most days, this is my usual weekday look.

I purchased this lovely necklace from FWB !
Get yours here !

Here are the products I used:

MAC 187 Brush
Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush
MAC Studio Fix Concealer (NC42)
mark. Good Riddance Hook-Up Concealer in Deep
e.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush
e.l.f. blush in Mellow Mauve
MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun
e.l.f. Complexion Brush
Avon Perfect Wear Foundation in Toffee/Caramel

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush
e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush
e.l.f. Blending Eye Brush
Avon SuperShock Intense Mascara
mark. On-The-Edge Liquid Eyeliner in Cleo
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

mark. Eyeshadow-Shinjuku (Super Flip Tokyo Kit)
mark. Eyeshadow-Plum Velvet (Super Flip Tokyo Kit)*
mark. Eyeshadow in Glitterati (Super Flip Kit)**

N.Y.C. Lipstick (cannot decipher the name)
Avon Lipliner in Plum Perfect
Avon SuperShock Lipgloss in Lilac Attack

*can also be found in current catalog
**now on sale for $7.99 at 

Do you like this look?  What is your current signature look?

How I Deal With Adversity

A while back in my Blog On Fire Award post, I inadvertently ignored the rules by offering you guys a chance to ask me questions.  One question I received from the lovely fellow blogger Michelle over at Radiant Brown Beauty was this:

"When you face a trial that you feel nobody can help with, how do you handle it?"

It took me a minute to come up with an answer for this. Mostly in part because I rarely discuss trials and issues with anyone as it is.  I'm one of those types who chooses to handle issues internally, seeking answers from within, before speaking to anyone.  And if I'm really stressed, I only discuss personal matters with one of three people:  my mother, my brother, or my husband.  But more often than not, I'm looking to face trials solo dolo, with a little help from God, of course.

I know this seems like the cookie-cutter answer, but it is true. Anytime I am faced with situations that seem to be more than I can bear, I turn to God.  I pray for strength, understanding, and direction.  I go to His word and seek his answers.  That's what I've been taught to do since I was young, as my mother kept our family in the church, and that's the only thing that works for me.

For example, some years back, I was faced with a difficult decision.  The decision I made would cause me to leave the comfort of my once-happy home, lose my primary source of income, and eventually force me to move back to my childhood home with my children in tow.  Lost and ashamed, I felt that I had no one to turn to.  Friends I thought would be there for me grew distant.  Family members who once offered help withdrew their resources.  I felt like I had hit rock bottom.  I won't go too deep into detail, because this is still a sensitive subject for me, but there was really no where to go but up for me.  After a few weeks of laying in a funk, I started to pray.  That's all I knew to do.

At first, I thought God wouldn't listen to my prayers.  I had stopped going to church, I wasn't even thinking about paying any tithes, and the lifestyle I was leading was less than stellar.  I was really feeling like the prodigal daughter.  But I stepped out on my faith (the size of a mustard seed) and I asked God for forgiveness.  I asked him to "clean me up" from the inside out, and give me direction.  When I tell you guys that I had NOTHING going on, I mean NOTHING for real.  But God stepped in and changed all that.

I didn't tell anyone my feelings or struggles but God.  And he came to my rescue.  He also sent people into my life that would help me to overcome my many obstacles and begin to live a better life.  Resources poured out from nowhere.  Debts I had were paid in full.   A job I wasn't qualified for fell into my lap.  An opportunity of a lifetime came right up to my doorstep (or shall I say my mother's) and knocked loudly upon her door.  And I knew it was nothing but God.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I was such a fine specimen that God just poured blessing upon blessing down to my feet.  In fact, I'm saying just the opposite. I felt I was nothing, that I wasn't good enough for anything or anyone worth having.  But God renewed something in me, and restored something in me I never knew I had.  Me, little old me, stepped out on faith and believed that He would help me and He did in more ways than I imagined.  That's why I give him the credit and the praise for everything good in my life.

So there's my answer in a roundabout way.  When faced with a trial, I turn to God. He is the only one who I can depend on for all of my needs.  He won't disappoint me, turn on me, forsake me, or try to hurt me.  He loves me unconditionally when I don't even have the sense to love myself.  So for everything, I turn to Him.

Thank you Michelle for the thought-provoking question, and thank you to anyone who stopped by to read!

What Ever Happened To.. Willie Max?

Do you guys remember the group Willie Max from the 90's?  They were proteges of Raphael Saadiq.  I recall them having this one song (which was on the Ride soundtrack) and I never heard from them again.  It's a shame too, because they had beautiful such beautiful voices.

Here is the video for their single "Can't Get Enough"

Do you remember this song?  Or do you know what happened to these ladies?

Pink Wednesday 10/19

Check the pink nails!

Are you rocking pink nails today?

Introducing the Weekend Lover: Ginuwine

Those of you who have been following me know that I love doing my dose of diva on Mondays, featuring songs by my favorite divas.  This has been a great way to start the week off for me.  Now in giving the ladies so much love at the beginning of the week, I noticed I haven't been giving my weekend lovers any shine.

"Ok Dre, what are you talking about?" some of you may be thinking.  But on the weekends, when I'm laid back and in my chill state, I love to listen to an R&B tune from the best of them.  When I'm at home and able to let my hair down, I like to get caught up in a good book, a nice bottle of wine, and a tantalizing baritone seeping through the speakers.  So let me introduce to you my weekend lovers (posts).  First off is Ginuwine.

I don't know if I ever told you guys this, but I used to have the biggest crush on Ginuwine back in the day.  I mean, I was obsessed.  Ask any of my cousins or siblings who used to laugh at me for having his picture framed on my nightstand in my younger days.  Anyways, today I was on my Ginuwine flow so I just wanted to share a few of my favorite tracks with you.

What Ever Happened To.. Blu Cantrell?

I know the ladies have to remember Miss Blu Cantrell. She sang the ode to women scorned on the R&B charts of 2001.  It was her that gave women the advice to charge up the credit cards of their cheating mates, in the event of their infidelity.  The single, "Hit 'Em Up Style", gave all wronged women a new anthem, advising them to hit up Neiman-Marcus and make that cheating man pay for his cheating via his BANK ACCOUNT.

Can you believe that was ten years ago?  After that single, I never heard anything more from Miss Blu (other than a photo I won't discuss here) or her Hit 'Em Up style. I wonder what she's doing these days.  Do any of you guys know?

In the meantime, check out Blu's video for "Hit 'Em Up Style" here:

The Answer Is Yes: Thank You, Musiq

There are no words for my appreciation of this video.  It truly touched my heart.  Do what you can, ladies and gentlemen, to support the cause.  Whether it be through advocacy, donations, or through your own sweat and tears, do something.  I say this on behalf of my grandmother who is a survivor and my dear auntie that lost the battle in 2008.

My Two Cents: Why We Should Forgive

I have been dealing with an issue for quite some time now involving forgiveness.  I've been dealing with hurt caused by a loved one's actions (or lack thereof) for way too long, so I've made a proactive choice to stop dealing with it.  Every now and again I don't mind getting in my feelings on the blog, but this one will take some time to discuss further.  But I will share with you guys that I have decided to let the hurt go and forgive that person.  

Some people may think I'm crazy for letting it go and discarding the animosity I have for the person go.  But it's time to move on with my life and get rid of the baggage that being upset with someone can make you carry around.  

Here is my two cents on why I think we should forgive others:
  1. We don't have the right to do otherwise.  God forgives us and He doesn't keep score with how many times we've turned our backs on Him.  He loves us unconditionally and forgives our sins, though we don't deserve it.  In addition to forgiving us, through His grace and mercy, He continues to bless us. So if He forgives us and blesses us abundantly (though we don't give Him nearly enough credit), what room do we have to complain about what we have done for folks who have yet to repay us.  Who are we to hold grudges against someone who has wronged us several years ago (and has probably forgotten what they have done)?  Which leads us to number two.
  2. We're doing it for us, not them.  If any of you are familiar with the "Madea" franchise you probably have heard her give that speech about forgiveness being for ourselves and not for those who have hurt us. Though I may not agree with all things Madea, I do agree with that speech she gave.  Oftentimes we hold grudges against people so hard and for so long, it hardens our hearts.  It makes it hard to let others inside our hearts.  It makes it hard to form healthy relationships with others.  And believe it or not, your grudge probably isn't even affecting the person you're mad at.  You're losing sleep, frowning, and having heart palpitations all while the other person isn't even thinking about you.  So do yourself a favor and give number three a shot.
  3. We could turn that negative experience into something positive.  What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.  Do you believe that?  Every test and trial we go through gives us strength, endurance, and character.  Has a friend ever betrayed you?  Well instead of mad at that sister, be thankful that she showed you her true colors before she was able to do worse damage.  Has a lover ever broke your heart?  Did you ever think about the fact that he/she might have just been an obstacle in your path to Mr./Mrs. Right?  All I'm trying to say here is that sometimes we have to go through a few things to appreciate the good that comes from it.  That failed friendship might have taught you how to appreciate a good friend.  That failed relationship may have given you time to polish up your own act so that you will be ready to love and appreciate a good mate when he or she comes to you.  No matter what you go through, always try to find a positive way to look at it.  Your heart will thank your mind for it, trust me.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it.  Learning to forgive will definitely be a process, but remembering these three things will help the healing process go smoother.  As always, be encouraged, and thanks for taking the time to read my two cents.

Monday Dose of Diva: Step by Step

I was gonna wait until next week to give you guys a dose of diva, but then I heard a song by one of my favorite divas as a child just now.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Miss Whitney Houston.  She had one of the most amazing voices I had ever heard.  To be quite honest, one of the main reasons I watch The Bodyguard is for the wonderful soundtrack.

Anyways, I was rummaging around for my Preacher's Wife soundtrack, as it is one of my favorite albums. I found it and immediately went to the track titled "Step by Step".  After I heard it, I felt so inspired and so eager to press forward, no matter what was going on in my life or mind.  That's why I wanted to share it with you guys in hopes that it would inspire one of you, too!


Where is Whitney these days?  Wherever she is and whatever she's doing, I hope she's okay.  I miss her and those soulful grooves she used to bless us with.

Product Rave: Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System

I've only been using Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System for three short weeks, but I'm sold on it!  I've been looking for a product for the longest to help clear up the hyperpigmentation (i.e dark spots) on my face.  Finding the perfect product has been a lot of trial and error for years, because nothing ever really clears them up without drying out my face or giving me an ugly rash.  So I was skeptical about using this product in the beginning.  After reading lots of reviews, I finally got the nerve to try it for myself.  And I'm so glad that I did!

After your nightly cleanse, you are instructed to use this product 2-3 nights a week at each level for 2 weeks. For example, you would use the products 2-3 nights during your first two weeks at Level 1.  After 2 weeks, you would change the dial to level 2 and repeat this process until you reach Level 4.  In total, you are to use this product for 8 weeks for maximum results.

I am currently at the end of my 3rd week using this product.  So far, my face is smoother to the touch and my dark spots have lightened a lot.  They haven't disappeared completely, but they are noticeably fading.  My husband has been asking me for the last two weeks have I been doing something new.  He says I have "a glow or something" lol!

At Level 4 (in about 2-3 weeks) I will be giving you more updates on this product and actual pics of my progress.  This is what the product looks like:

Try the product for yourself by purchasing it at  It is currently on sale for $20. You can also receive free direct shipping with your online order with a purchase of $30 or more.

NOTE:  Please know that I am honest about every product that I review.  Though I do sell Avon/mark. products, that does not affect my review on their products.  If I like them, I will tell you so.  If I do not like them, I will tell you that too.

August Beauty Faves

These are the products that I couldn't get enough of in August.  They are all listed in clockwise order below:
  1. Ruby Kisses Magic Eyeshadow Primer (surprisingly just as good as my UD Primer Potion)
  2. Avon Perfect Wear Foundation in Toffee (my absolute favorite foundation of all time)
  3. I-Mark Eyeshadows (specifically the new metallic shade "Jazzy" on the far left)
  4. MAC Lipstick in Up The Amp (my new favorite lipstick... OMG I am in LOVE!)
  5. NARS Blush in Taj Mahal (one of my favorite blushes in the whole wide world lol)
  6. NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon (such a beautiful color!)
Here's me with the NARS Taj Mahal Blush

And here's a close-up featuring the MAC Up The Amp Lipstick

What are your current beauty faves?

Nails I Do Adore: Pink Forever

Check out my current NOTW!  I got the idea to re-do my nails pink every Wednesday from the site On Wednesdays We Wear Pink just like the "Plastics" did in the movie Mean Girls.

Here are the polishes I used, featuring one of my favorites, Pink Forever by Sinful Colors.

How are you rocking your nails this week?

How to Be a Mean Girl

Some days I feel like being a total mean girl.  I know it's rude to say, but I get tired of being the nice one, the responsible one, the kindhearted one, or the one folks can always depend on.  Lately I've been feeling really unappreciated and I'm fed up!

My phone rings so much with people asking for advice or asking for favors.  I never turn anyone away because I try to make the lives of those closest to me a little easier.  If all I have to do is talk someone through a tough situation or commit to doing a few hours of service for someone I'm all in.  I do this for people I LOVE because isn't that what you're supposed to do for those you care for?

Yeah right, I say.  It's all well and nice to have someone you can always depend on, but today I'm wondering who do I have to depend on?  Who can I call when I am frustrated and need a reality check or moment of clarity from someone I feel knows me well?  No one.  Everyone else is too busy with life to return my phone calls and text messages.  Ain't that a trip?

So I've declared today Mean Girl Day.  I'm not listening to anyone's problems, I'm not helping anyone do shit, and I am not gonna be bothered!  That means no more going out of my way to check on my so-called friends who never call to check on me or my family or doing nice things to show them all how much I care.  While some people think it's ok to occasionally say "thanks for always being there" or "I'm glad to you're a part of my life" I'd like to convey those thoughts with actions.  You can tell verbally share a sentiment with someone all the time but until you begin to prove it with actions, it doesn't mean anything! Starting today, I'm putting all of my energy into myself and my children because if anyone needs it, we do.  I just can't deal.  You would think that I would learn how to say no every now and again so I wouldn't get burned out so fast, but I still haven't learned!  

Wow I'm feeling mean already! Sorry for the rant, but every now and again I believe it's necessary.  It just wouldn't be real if we didn't share the good, the bad, and the ugly things about ourselves.

Does anyone feel where I'm coming from?  Someone out there please tell me I'm not going crazy.

Lip Service: MAC Viva Glam Lipglass

Lately I've been noticing a pattern in the lipglosses I have been grabbing for:  all of them were from the MAC Viva Glam Collection!  Since I've been giving them so much play, I decided to share some pics and swatches with you guys.

While many have said that Viva Glam Gaga II is rather hard to pull off, I rock it just fine with either a dark brown lipliner (MAC Lipliner in Chestnut or NYX Lipliner in Expresso) or a deep plum lipliner.

The Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass is one of my favorite glosses.  I usually pair it with my NYX lipliner in Purple Rain or my BHcosmetics lipliner in Raspberry.

I've really been enjoying the coral color of Viva Glam Cyndi this summer.  I pair this with my NYX lipliner in Expresso.

I've been wearing this one on days when I'm creating a neutral lip and bold eyes.  I use the NYX lipliner in Expresso for this one too.  This is like my go-to, no-fail lipgloss for everything!

I use this one with my Avon Glimmersticks lipliner in Perfect Plum.  They are like a match made in make-up heaven!

Here are the swatches for all of them:

Which one do you like best?

Nails I Do Adore: Leopard Print

Since my nails have been growing I've been trying to keep them looking fresh.  I'm no pro at nail design but I do find it quite fun to do! This is my current NOTW.

This is what I used:

I love Sinful Colors nail polishes and have been collecting them for some time. I also adore the cute little mini   polish duos that mark sells.  What do you guys think?
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