Everyday Beauty | The Natural, "No-Makeup" Makeup Look

Hello guys! I hope everyone has been having a beautiful spring so far! This season, I've been looking forward to swapping out my lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes to add bright, vibrant hues to my makeup bag. However, in my realistic everyday life, I don't always take the time to pull these beautiful shades together for an overall beauty look. As someone who spends most of her time in the home, I don't wear a full face of makeup every single day. But I do love throwing on my usual natural makeup look with cat-eye and nude lips just because.

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This natural, everyday look gives me just the right touch of coverage I need to feel confident without a heavy application of makeup. Not to mention, it only takes minutes to do!

Living a Blessed Life with Kim Fields

“Let life happen. Then be ready when it does.” 
-Kim Fields 
Blessed Life: My Surprising Journey of Joy, Tears, and Tales from Harlem to Hollywood by Kim Fields is a true testament of growth and staying the course in your life’s journey. In her beautifully written memoir, Kim Fields speaks candidly about the lessons she’s learned throughout her life as a childhood star, actress, creative, wife, and mother. Reading this book was so refreshing, because not only was she transparent about her trials and struggles, she also shared how she moved out of her own way to get through to the better days.

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SPRING MANICURE | Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Game Changer

Getting your overall look together for Spring is never complete without finding the perfect nail color. As soon as the days grow warmer, I start reaching for all my bright, vivid shades of nail polish. I make sure to pick colors that will compliment whatever I'm wearing, look great on my nails, and make me feel happy. And I know I'm not the only one that feels so much better once I've gotten a fresh, brilliant coat of nail polish for the week.

REVIEW | Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

I have been curious about the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks for quite some time. When they first came out, I admired the color range, but didn't go grab them right away. As they began to pop up in my local stores (which take FOREVER to get the new-new), I grew even more curious, but still didn't budge. However, after flipping through magazine after magazine featuring all these beautiful women rocking various shades of matte ink liquid lipsticks, I decided I would go ahead and give them a try if I catch them on sale.
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