3 Reasons To Try L.A. Girls Glazed Lip Paints

Hey loves! I know I may be a little tardy for the party on this beauty product, but I just had to share how much I love L.A. Girls Glazed Lip Paints! I've been pondering over them for quite some time, but because I've been on a serious no-buy (unless I collect empties), I've curved them quite a few times. And let me tell you, I wish I would have grabbed these up sooner.

As you all may be able to tell from several of my posts professing my undying love for lipsticks (especially mattes), I am not big on lip gloss collections. But with the variety of shades offered in these "lip paints," I knew I had to give them a try. And knowing what I know now, I'm here to tell you guys why you should try them too if you haven't already. 

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As mentioned on the LA Girl USA website, Glazed Lip Paints are meant to give the "intensely pigmented look of a lipstick with the ease and glossy finish of a lipgloss." And just as the site claims, the lip paint gives me just the right amount of intensity and glossiness. 

Here are three reasons why you MUST add these lip paints to your collection (if you haven't already).

REVIEW | Wood Watches by JORD

Ladies, how important are the details of your attire? How often do you carefully select accessories for your wardrobe?  While I like to keep my wardrobe choices simple and functional, I like to add “personality” to my look with unique pieces. I employ this idea with my choice of hairstyles, cosmetics, nail designs, and the accessories that bring together my look. Besides, choosing fun accessories make for the greatest conversation-starters while you’re out and about, right?

So when I was contacted by JORD to review one of their wood watches, I was excited! I’d never owned a wooden watch and was intrigued by how it would fit my everyday style. As I marveled over the watches on the site, I chose Ely Black for my review.

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