About Me

Hey y'all, I'm Dre! I'm the mother of three beautiful babies and a wife to the coolest, cutest, most hardest-working guy ever. I'm a country girl that loves the beach, adores Prince, is addicted to lipstick, and believes the 90's was the best decade ever--I'll put that on my first pair of 54.11s. I suppose it’s safe to say I’m a bit random as well.

And as you can probably tell from the title of this blog, I love to write. I’m passionate about sharing my musings on life, love, relationships, music, make-up, and fashion through written word. 

 Here, you will find a mash-up of all those things. 

I write to inspire and encourage diva moms, wives, and my fellow 20-30 something homegirls-next-door who strive to live their best lives. My blog is a place where women are encouraged to become their best selves--whether it be the blooming creative inside you, the evolving fashionista, or the beginner beauty bombshell.  I'll be sharing stories, personal experiences, and the information I have learned thus far in my journey. I also created this space as an invitation for you to share your experiences and thoughts as well. 

I'm stoked to see that you've stopped by to get to know more about me and my space a little better. I sincerely hope each of you reading find something that you like here---something that inspires you, entertains you, or touches you in some way. If you do, I'd love it if you'd subscribe, link up with me on Facebook, and hang out with me over on Instagram and Twitter. And if you really enjoy what you're seeing over here (or wanna see more of something in particular), feel free to send me some email. I love getting emails :)

Hope you'll stick around for a while! 

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