Sundays at Dre's | Volume 3

Spring is in full effect in sunny North Carolina and the newness of it all has me feeling a bit nostalgic. Flowers are in a beautifully fragrant bloom. The warm weather is often accompanied by a few rain showers-- for good measure. And I'm feeling like I'm coming out of some soft of personal hibernation. So, on this particular Sunday, I've been re-evaluating a few systems in my life and household with good music and savory foods.


Alone time with my music and notebook really allow me to plan for the week ahead in the most calming and effective way possible. Not only does it calm me, it helps me to be present without becoming overwhelmed with the upcoming week's tasks. Adding a 90's R&B playlist to the mix for soundtrack music? That's the icing on my vanilla spice-flavored cake, today!

If you've been here for a while, you already know music is life. I have a playlist for every vibe, mood, experience, memory, and feeling, no matter how fleeting. Sundays are no different. For y'all that follow me on Instagram, you may be familiar with "Sundays At Dre's," the playlists I used to share over there in my stories on Sundays. Today I'll be sharing Volume 3 of the installment.

Installing a Lace Wig for Beginners | Featuring LUVME Hair

If you're new to wearing + installing lace front wigs at home, you'll want to read all about how I installed this beautiful loose wave lace wig I've been wearing lately as a protective style. While this post is a paid partnership with LUVME Hair, all thoughts and opinions about the hair + experience are my own. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.

As I've mentioned before, I love wearing wigs and weaves as a protective style for my natural hair. Installing them at home saves so much time and money! And while many may think installing a wig at home is time-consuming for a beginner, I promise you it's easy-peasy! The style I'm sharing today is very beginner friendly, as you can get it already colored and pre-plucked. You also don't have to use any glue to apply this one, because I don't use glue on mine. I'll walk you through how easy it is to do so. 

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