Nothing puts you in a mood on a storm-fueled rainy night quite like some smooth tunes. If you've ever turned your radio on to the late-night "quiet storm" set, you already know the vibes. Perhaps it's pretty chill at your place and you're relaxing until your favorite slow jams lull you to sleep. Or maybe you're hanging out with your good boo and looking to set the mood with a particular romantic vibe. What songs are you playing? What music instantly comes to mind?

Late night R&B vibes are some of my favorite types of playlists to make.  And because it's a stormy Saturday night, I'm cuddled up on the couch listening to slow jams. It's been a minute since I shared a playlist up here on the blog, so I thought I'd share one tonight with you guys! 

spotify slow jam playlist

QUEUE THE "Before the New Day Breaks the Dawn Kinda Jawn" PLAYLIST:  This is for those late nights when you wanna vibe to some smooth R&B with that special someone in mind. Maybe you're in a nostalgic mood or there's a song or two that stirs up memories of your old good bae (or current bae) late into the midnight hour. Click the image above to open the playlist up in a new window. 

Loving these Spotify playlists? Let me know in the comments if you want more here on the blog. And be sure to give me a follow if you're on Spotify, too. I love making mixtapes and sharing music with my good boos over there.


Quick & Easy Sheet Pan Shrimp Scampi with Wildtree

Do you have a quick fix meal on hand? At the ready? You know, one you can throw together in a pinch that doesn't sacrifice quality or flavor? I like to keep a few of these meals in mind, because in my busy house, someone is always craving something tasty! And most of the time, I'm trying to come up with something delicious that isn't too time-consuming.  

Today for lunch, I made a quick & easy sheet pan shrimp scampi with Wildtree's Scampi Blend, and it was love, y'all. My shrimp scampi was soooo good and the scampi blend made seasoning the easiest part of preparing the meal. Providing high-quality flavor solutions for busy people, Wildtree offers premium organic spice blends, sauces, seasonings, culinary oils and more that are shipped directly to your door. 

Check out how I made this delicious meal in about 15 minutes by reading more below.

shrimp scampi recipe

Book Feature: The Adventures of Pamela King

"The Adventures of Pamela King" series follows Pamela King, a 6-year-old girl exploring the world through her many adventures with her family. Pamela is curious, imaginative, outspoken, and aspires to be the world's best detective. However, sometimes Pamela's eager curiosity can get her into rocky situations, as she is still learning the importance of THINKING BEFORE SHE LEAPS!

"Once Upon a summer Day, Pamela King prepared her gadget bag for a day of travel with her family. Today, the King Family is visiting their Uncle Luther at his giant castle that sits on top of the biggest mountain in town...Now Uncle Luther was not like any normal uncle. He was a world-famous scientist. He invented big machines and had a science lab the size of a house. This trip was the adventure Pamela had been waiting for all summer."

-From "The Adventures of Pamela King Series: Volume 1: Pamela & The Time Machine Mystery: A CHILDREN'S BOOK by Julia Aaryn Montanez, copyright © 2020 by FreeSpirit Ink. Publishing

Book Feature | Sugar Mama: A Keilanii Jennings Saga

Sugar mama keilanii jennings saga

From the creative minds of Lalanii Wilson Jones and Treavion Davenport comes Keilanii Jennings, a sexy, feisty, independent, proud Texas mogul in the making who makes no apologies about splurging on her lavish lifestyle, designer labels, 5-star getaways, and her “boy toys.”

Keilanii is a confident, self-made success story whose life takes complex twists and turns while building her empire. Things start to heat up when she meets Elliot Jennings Jr., a handsome, charismatic companion who turns out to be her worst nightmare. Like most women, Keilanii wanted to have it all, including her happily ever after. This seems imminent until she discovers that the man who stole her heart tries to steal her fortune and is exposed as the ultimate gold digger.

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