MANICURE MONDAY | Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Where's My Money?

No matter how many times I say I'll wear deep, dark shades of nail polish in the fall & winter months, I always go back to my tried-and-true favorite polish color- PINK! It doesn't matter the shade, either. I will go from a stunning hot pink to a muted pastel pink in no time and leave all those pretty polishes I grabbed at the drugstore sitting in my toiletry bag collecting dust. There's just something about pink that makes me feel like my nails are officially primed, polished, and pampered. And since we're on the subject of being pampered, you all know by now the ironically-named polishes from Trust Fund Beauty make me feel like a spoiled princess when I use them.

pink nail polish

Using any polish from Trust Fund Beauty makes me feel like I'm giving my nails a fancy little treat when I'm applying them. This pretty pastel polish aptly named "Where's My Money?" however, sounds like I'm letting folks know I'm not playing about my coins.
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