Reading List: Summer 2013

summer reading list

My Reading List
The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen Covey
It's Your Time by Joel Osteen
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Your Blues Ain't Like Mine by Bebe Moore Campbell
Nowhere is a Place by Bernice L. McFadden

My Recommended Reads for Summer
I Declare by Joel Osteen
Sula by Toni Morrison
Kindred by Octavia Butler
What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day by Pearl Cleage
Groove by Geneva Holliday
Farther Than I Meant to Go, Longer Than I Meant to Stay by Tiffany Warren
In Search of Our Mother's Gardens by Alice Walker



Tuesday's Tunes: Volume 10

Happy Tuesday, guys and dolls!  How are you all doing today?  I hope your week is off to a positive start and you're all in good spirits!  As it usually goes, I would like to thank you guys for stopping by here today and checking out the tunes I've been grooving to so far.  I appreciate each and every one of you and hope that you hear at least one song you like or can reminisce to or vibe with while listening along today.

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If unable to see video click here.

I'm Still In Love by Sean Paul x Sasha- This song takes me way back to my freshman year of college! I remember everyone posted up in their dorm rooms studying this video. It seems that all the girls were trying to wind up their waistlines like the chicks in the video, while the dudes were admiring the winding lol. If this song wasn't making you dance when you heard it, it was making you think about that special somebody you were still in love with.  And yes, it's still in heavy rotation on my devices like it's brand new.

Fire We Make by Alicia Keys x Maxwell- The first time I heard this song, I swear I got chills.  Something about Alicia Keys and her smooth sweet vocals paired with lyrics that perfectly vocalize what the heart is trying to express makes me like her music.  And pairing those vocals with the likes of Maxwell-- that's fire for serious tho!  It's no secret around here that I love that man Maxwell, so he could sing just about anything to me and I would just melt.  The chemistry these two have in this song as well as in the visual is electrifying, indeed.  

Growing Pains (Do It Again)- Ludacris x Disturbing Tha Peace- Listening to this song takes me way back to family reunions, high-top sneakers with slouch socks, and soda pops in glass bottles. Talk about reminiscing!  I just love the lyrics in this song provided by each respective member of Disturbing Tha Peace.  Lil Fate talks about rocking the infamous BKs and Cross Colours (do you guys remember those?) while Shawnna rhymed about playing double dutch and those beloved jelly shoes.  Even Ludacris and veteran Scarface lend lyrics that send us slipping back down memory lane as they rap about Cadillac dreams, climbing over barbed wire fences, jheri curls, and Jordans. Seeing this visual also makes me smile as I think of how fun family get-togethers and barbecues used to be in the summertime.  I also giggle when I see the former Disturbing Tha Peace member 2 Chainz in the mix, who then was a rapper by another name.  Can you spot him in the video? I'll even give you a prize if you can tell me what he used to go by!

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke x T.I. and Pharrell- Something about this song just makes me want to get up and dance! As soon as I hear the beat, my shoulders start bouncing. I can see this song being a very popular one for the summer.  So much so, that the first time I heard the song to its entirety, I was riding in the car with my MIL while she turned the volume up proclaiming it was "her song." Seems like Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell got everybody in a groove!  How are you guys liking "Blurred Lines?"

A Love Bizarre by Sheila E.- I will admit, I owe my devotion for Sheila E. to Prince, as it seems I love everything he touches (well except Graffiti Bridge lol). I was indeed a young'n the first time I heard A Love Bizarre and have been vibing to it every since.  Nevermind the fact that I was probably still crawling and in diapers when this single hit the airwaves.  And nevermind the fact that I didn't understand what the lyrics of the song meant until I was grown lol. Just as Sheila E. admits in her lyrics, "we all want the stuff that lives in our wildest dreams," don't we? And is it just me or doesn't she kind of remind you of Miss Keri Baby in this video?



REVIEW: Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser + Serum

juice beauty blemish clearing

Hey ladies and gentlemen and skincare fanatics alike!  If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you may have noticed that I shared my excitement in trying Juice Beauty Organic Skincare products for the first time some months back.  And since I have been using these products for quite a while now, I decided it would be a good time to share the results I have gotten from trying the Juice Beauty line with you guys.  When assessing my skin care needs at the time of purchasing these products, I wanted to bring radiance to my dull skin and lighten my hyperpigmentation without using anything harsh, so I chose the Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser and the Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum.

Juice Beauty Organic Skincare Line Overview:  Founded in California by Karen Behnke and Melissa Jochim, Juice Beauty was created to make healthy, organic, and effective beauty products available to the public. Using a 100% certified organic juice base rather than a water base these products have a total organic content up to 98% in every product. 

Juice Beauty is committed to supporting organic farming and using recycled paper for their packaging. With each product free of pesticides, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors or dyes, synthetic fragrances, or phthalates, your skin will get only the best and most pure ingredients from Juice Beauty. (via SkinCareRx)

Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser
juice beauty blemish clearing cleanser

Thoughts Upon Initial Use:
  • Packaging-  the pump dispenser was the first thing I noticed about this cleanser.  I like this, because it allows one to dispense just enough product with a couple of light pumps.  I don't, however, like that I cannot travel with this bottle.  I've been doing a lot of back and forth lately and it would have been nice if a cap came with the product also.   
  • Scent-  This cleanser has a scent similar to that of apple cider vinegar or household cleaner or something. Though the scent is not strong or overpowering, I did have a slight aversion to it during my first trimester.  The smell is probably due to the organic juices in the ingredients.
  • Price- Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser is not a product that I would call cheap. In fact, this product costs $21.80, more than I've paid for other cleansers in the past.  The fact that this product is organic, however, really made me feel like the price I paid for this product would be worth it.  Especially since I looked forward to using something "pure" on my hormonal pregnant lady skin. 
Overall Thoughts After Use:  

As the instructions call to apply morning and evening to damp skin in a circular motion, I did so using my Olay Professional Pro-X Cleansing Brush I purchased last year.  The cleanser is a gel formula, so I was not sure how well it would cleanse my skin.  I suppose I'm so used to seeing lather and equating that with a deep cleansing.  To my surprise, the Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser left my skin feeling so clean and refreshed!

Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser is formulated to clarify, inhibit bacteria, remove impurities, prevent blemishes, and hydrate the skin.  I've been using it for the last 3-4 months and I must say I haven't had any breakouts while using it nor have I experienced any dryness.

What I like the most about this product is the fact that it's organic.  Since I'm pregnant, my skin is more sensitive now than it has ever been before and it feels great to know that I'm not putting anything harmful on my skin.  And though this is probably the most I've ever spent on a cleanser, it lasts for a long time! Overall, I think Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser makes for a great basic cleanser for those with sensitive skin.

Recommended: Yes
Pros: organic, gentle to the skin, deep cleanses without drying the skin 
Cons: scent can be annoying

Key Ingredients: Lemon Juice (purifies), Aloe (hydrates), Sage Leaf (antiseptic)
Price: $21.80
Where to Buy:
Overall Score: A-

Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum
juice beauty blemish clearing serum

Thoughts Upon Initial Use:
  • Packaging- I like the packaging of this serum much more than I do the cleanser.  In fact, I think it's ideal for a serum.  It has a twist-top with a dropper attached, so that one is able to dispense as little or as much product as one needs. 
  • Scent-  This serum, unlike the cleanser, has a refreshing citrus smell. I like it!
  • Price- The Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum is $29 for 2 oz. Again, while the price of this product is higher than I would normally pay, it is a lot of product in the bottle.  And I have no problem spending more money for a product with quality ingredients.   
Overall Thoughts After Use:  

As the instructions suggest, I used the Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum morning and night after cleanser and before moisturizer.  Now the key to using this product is making sure you apply an oil-free moisturizer afterwards--otherwise you will be looking like an oil-slick!  At first, I was applying the serum all over my face twice daily.  But after feeling a bit greasy in the mornings when I woke up and as the day progressed, I decided to just use it as a spot-treatment under my moisturizer.

Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum is formulated to reduce breakouts, lighten scars, and renew skin for a fresher, clearer complexion.  These three things are always the top things I look for in skin care, so I was pleased to see that this product did its job! My skin feels smoother and I've only had one pimple in several months. My scarring has even lightened a bit (though it did take time to see results).  I didn't even realize it until I noticed I haven't had to wear full-coverage foundation in a while.

One main thing I like about this product is I didn't experience any tightness or stinging while using it, as I have with other serums in the past.  Like the cleanser, this serum is very gentle.

Recommended: Yes
Pros: functional packaging, light pleasant scent, lightens scars, improves texture
Cons: can be a bit greasy when applied all over

Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid (purges the pores of oil), Lemon Juice (purifies), Sage Leaf (antiseptic)
Price: $29.00
Where to Buy:
Overall Score: A-

Have you tried the Juice Beauty skincare line? I highly recommend these products for those of you looking for skincare made with organic products and may have sensitive skin.

These products were purchased with a gift card I received from SkinCareRX in sponsorship. I had the freedom to choose whatever product I desired and was under no obligation to purchase or review any items. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Friday's Letters

Dear Mommy- Thank you for being my strength, my listening ear, my backbone, my side-kick, and my very first friend. You've been such a blessing to me and my family and I truly thank you for all of your love and support.  I also appreciate you for being the best grandma ever to my babies and sharing The Word and the importance of serving Christ to my children these past couple of weeks. I hope to one day be as great a gift to you as you have been to me over the years. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I hope you have your mind made up on what we're gonna do to celebrate! LOL

Dear Hubby- Please know how much I love and appreciate you. And don't think I don't notice all the times you go out of your way to make sure I'm safe, comfortable, and always smiling.  Please also realize if I'm not smiling it isn't because of anything you have or haven't done. It's simply because I'm hormonal, temperamental and indecisive. I'm not even gonna blame those things on the pregnancy because I've probably been like that since you met me =) It feels good sharing the good and the not-so good times with you.

Dear Kids- You guys make me so proud to be your mama! You're both such bright and inquisitive young souls! I'm sorry I can't always do those fun, athletic things daddy does with you, but I will make it up to you soon. I look forward to having lots of summer fun in the upcoming weeks with you guys! Love you both more than anything I've ever known.

Dear Baby J- There's nothing more divine than feeling your strong, rapid movements in my tummy.  I can't wait to get updated on what's going on with you next week.  You have no idea how much joy you bring me just by being in there and being healthy.  God is so good.

Dear T- I can't wait to see you this weekend. It feels good to know I have a friend that I can depend on to be there when I need her the most.  Hopefully we can relax, let our hair down, and play catch-up with some good food somewhere in the mix!

Dear Old Neighbors- I really miss you guys.  My new neighbors make me miss you even more. Sigh.

Dear Friends and Family Who Are Reading- Someone bring me some crab legs. Seriously. You can even come over here and cook them for me too, if you would like =) I'm so serious though. 

Dear Sugary Sweets I Can't Seem to Get Enough Of- I have to take this glucose test next week, so I may need to separate myself from you guys for a while. I don't need to sit anywhere for hours just to fail a test, so please stop making me crave you so much. Sigh again. 


Current Beauty Favorites: June 2013

summer beauty favorites
Hey ladies! Just wanted to do a quick post to share my current beauty favorites for the month of June.  Check out all the details below!

summer beauty favorite lip products

If I had to list my top 3 go-to beauty products of all time, I guarantee you that the EOS lip balms would definitely be in the mix.  I find them all over my room, in my purse, and my hubby & kids even use them (as I buy them for those guys too).  They are so moisturizing and have a nice variety of flavors. This one in particular I've been using most often recently is the EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry as my favorite, Summer Fruit, has run out :( All in all, I love it and will probably buy another one when it runs out.

For some reason, I've been wearing more glosses than lipsticks lately.  It could be because applying them takes much less time and effort and do not require a lipliner.  Or it could be because I can always count on my purse to be housing a bunch of lip glosses as opposed to lipsticks.  My MAC lipglasses are my favorites because of the light vanilla scent they have, with the exception of the plushglass.  I've most often been 
reaching for my plushglass in the I heart U from the Quite Cute Collection, and lipglasses Stay Sweet (from the Archie's Girls Collection), Strange Potion (from the Venomous Villains Collection) and Viva Glam Cyndi.  As you can see, I'm a sucker for MAC's limited edition collections. Le sigh.

When I do wear lipstick, I grab for Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in 24 Carrot Gold & MAC Lipstick in Heroine most often.  I didn't own a matte orange lipstick so I was ecstatic when I found one for only $2.99!  In fact, I'll be sharing a look with this lipstick soon so keep your eyes peeled! And if you read my FOTD post featuring MAC Lipstick in Heroine last month, you already know how much I am in love with that shade.  

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the NYX lipliners. They are super affordable and they have the largest variety of shades I've ever seen!  NYX lipliner in Bloom is my most recent lipliner purchase and I find myself using it each time I rock a pink lip.

With the summer weather here, I haven't been wanting to wear anything heavy on my face.  But the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark has become one of my staple products over the last few months.  If I'm not setting my foundation with this product, I am lightly dusting a bit of it on my face to control shine throughout the day and even out my skin tone.

If you've been around here for a while, you know that the e.l.f. studio blushes are among my favorite beauty products.  These blushes are very affordable and (with the exception of a few) have a quality very comparable to NARS blushes.  The two I've been grabbing for a lot lately are Fuchsia Fusion and Twinkle Pink.  They go well with the pink lips I'm known to wear quite often.

Nothing gives my face a bronzing glow like NARS Blush in Taj Mahal. It's one of the first NARS blushes I've ever purchased and grabbing it up was like love at first sight.  Using a light flush of blush on the cheekbones gives a beautiful glow perfect for summertime, so I'll probably be using it a lot this season. 

mac spiked pencil

And lastly, but certainly not least, are the products I've been using on my brows lately.  It's been a long road, but I've finally grown back my brows!  Of course, they aren't as dark and defined as I would like for them to be, but with the help of MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked and or Milani's Brow Tint Pen in Dark Brown, my brows are looking better and much more natural.  I tried these products per the suggestion of my fellow beauty loving MUA whose fb fan page I stalk friend Kemba and have yet to be disappointed.  What I love most about the MAC Eyebrow Pencil is that it's waterproof, a must for summer wear.  I love that the Milani Brow Tint Pen has a felt-tip and with small strokes, does a great job of mimicking the appearance of hairs.  Thanks, Kemba! You're a lifesaver, hunni!



MANICure Monday: Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen

Hello fellow nail polish lovers!  I'm beginning this week's blogging with a couple of questions to you all.  Do you remember the first brand of nail polish you've ever used?  If so, what brand was it?  

This week's manicure prompted the question, as the stars of the week are both Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polishes.  I am a big fan of Sally Hansen polishes and have been since I was a kid, since this is the very first brand of polish I have ever used. In fact, Sally Hansen and my beautiful grandma sparked my love for nail polish at an early age.

When I used to visit my grandma, she had oodles of polishes displayed neatly in her bedroom on her dresser shelves.  As I entered and exited her bedroom on numerous visits, I would just stand in front of the dresser marveling at the vast array of reds, burgundys, pinks, and gold polishes grandma had flooding the shelves.  One day, she caught me eyeballing her polish collection and asked me if I would like to have a few bottles.  At first, I was utterly shocked. I was only about 8 at the time (same age as my daughter) and I was a chronic nail-biter (also, same as my daughter). So, instead of giving her the opportunity to change her mind, I jumped at the chance to own my very own polishes. I grabbed a bottle of base coat (I believe it was the Love My Nails brand), a bottle of Sally Hansen Top Coat, and a beautiful fuchsia shade of Sally Hansen nail polish with a hint of iridescence that made them shine with hues of blue and green in sunlight. I was in polish heaven!

Though owning these polishes didn't stop me from biting my nails, they did help me make the effort to quit for short periods of time. They also sparked my creative interest to free-hand nail designs, as I would go to the local Family Dollar and purchase the $1 press-on tips to let my imagination run wild on.

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that I finally stopped biting my nails about two or three years ago.  And though it sometimes seems that I go extreme by letting them grow so long, I guess for me it's just amazing to know that I am able to grow such long, strong nails just like my grandma had back in the day.

So while on my quest to find a new coral polish the other day (as I was inspired by Lynn's beautiful manicure last week and my old coral polish was too sticky), I came across this lovely Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Coral Reef and my mind went back to grandma for some reason.  I smiled inwardly at the memory, grabbed the shade Sun Kissed as well (the prettiest, most opaque shade of orange I've ever owned) and generated ideas in my head for my next manicure.

As you can see, I didn't get too creative. This is the same design from my last MANICure Monday post lol. I just switched the colors up.  Here's everything I used.

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer in Pros & Bronze
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Coral Reef
Pure Ice in Superstar
Revlon Multi-Care Base + Top Coat
Dotting Tool from


REVIEW: Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Hair Collection

Hello ladies! Did you know that Pantene Pro-V's Natural & Relaxed Line has now been divided into two separate lines? According to one's specific needs, folks now have the option to choose products from the Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Collection or the Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Collection.  I was intrigued when I initially saw the Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Collection online, as the products promise to provide 72 hours of moisture. I don't know about you guys, but my relaxed tresses have been in dire need of moisture lately!  So when I was granted the opportunity to try the new hair goodies from the Pantene Truly Relaxed Hair Collection I was ecstatic! Now I've tried the products and cannot wait to share the results with you guys!

But before I go in, here are a few details about the Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Hair Care Collection:

Pantene responds to your hair's structure to help bring out the beauty that's yours alone.
Pantene Truly Relaxed Line is a line of products designed to provide moisture for relaxed hair.  The relaxing process can be particularly damaging so each strand needs gentle cleansing with protection against dryness and breakage so you can grow healthy looking hair.

African American women with chemically relaxed hair can be left with excessively dry hair. This collection features gentle cleansing with protection against dryness and breakage with oil-enriched Pro-V shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes and protects while still leaving your hair clean and shiny.

pantene pro-v truly relaxed

The Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Hair Collection contains the following products:

Intense Moisturizing Shampoo- cleans & helps restore moisture to relaxed hair
Lightweight Shampoo- gently cleans relaxed hair without weigh-down
Moisturizing Conditioner- moisturizes relaxed hair without unwanted weight
Oil Creme Moisturizer- deeply moisturizes & shines

Thoughts Upon Initial Use:
  • Packaging-  I love the packaging of these products.  The bottles are very sleek and attractive.  They each also stand easily in the shower or on the counter without having to be turned upside down and contain sturdy tops that allow for adequate dispensing of product.  
  • Scent-  Each product has a light, floral scent. Though the scent is light, it is quite invigorating!
  • Affordability- The shampoos and conditioner each contain 12.6 fl oz (while the moisturizer is 8.7 fl oz), which is a great amount of product for only $4.99!   
Overall Thoughts After Use:  

I thoroughly enjoyed cleansing my hair with the Intense Moisturizing Shampoo.  At first, I was nervous about using a new shampoo, as many shampoos tend to leave my hair dry and brittle.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of this product!  The Intense Moisturizing Shampoo was creamy and lathered pretty well.  Though there weren't many suds produced, I felt like I received a thorough cleansing.  My hair felt so clean afterwards and was not drying at all. And the light floral scent of the shampoo made my hair smell so fabulous!

Unfortunately, I didn't have the same luck with the Lightweight Shampoo.  Though it provided the same fresh scent and nice rich lather, my hair felt a bit dry and wiry after using it.  Perhaps I should have waited longer than two weeks in between shampoos, as I usually co-wash each week and only clarify once monthly.

My favorite product in the bunch was the Moisturizing Conditioner.  After shampooing, I used this product to condition under a plastic cap while showering. And would you believe that within minutes of applying the Moisturizing Conditioner, I could feel my hair getting softer--especially my 12 week post relaxer new growth!  After rinsing away the conditioner, my hair was unbelievably soft.  I could even run my fingers through my wet hair with ease.  Detangling my tresses were a breeze after using the Moisturizing Conditioner. And of course, my hair smelled divine :-)

The Oil Creme Moisturizer was "the icing on the cake" of the products in the Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed Line.  After shampooing and conditioning, I applied the Oil Creme Moisturizer down the length of my hair in sections followed by a small bit of grapeseed oil to seal in the product. While the product did an adequate job of moisturizing my hair without weighing it down, I liked the results better when I used Oil Creme Moisturizer on my wet hair opposed to dry hair. 

After cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing my hair with Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed products, I was able to put it in my daily protective style, a soft sleek bun, with ease!

Recommended: Yes
Pros: great packaging, light pleasant scent, very affordable, moisturizing (for the most part)
Cons: shampoos contain sulfates, lightweight shampoo was a bit drying for me
Price: $4.99
Where to Buy: Walmart, Kmart, and other stores where the Pantene Pro-V brand is sold
Overall Score: B+

Ladies, will you be trying the new, improved Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed or Truly Natural line? If you are looking for quality, affordable hair care products that provide great moisture, you should give these products a try!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Blues Mama: FOTD + Baby Bump Reveal

Happy Hump Day, guys! I promised myself I wouldn't wait forever to share another FOTD here on the blog.  And since I rarely wear blue eyeshadow, I thought it would be nice to share today's look with you all. For some reason, I usually stick to neutral shades, pinks, or purples when it comes to adding color to my eyes. I even use a bit of green every now and again, but I can't remember the last time I've worn blue. So I pulled out my BH Cosmetics 120 Palette (1st edition), picked out a few turquoise shades that complimented the turquoise in my tank top (since I wanted to be bright like that), and rocked a neutral lippie using MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl and MAC Lipglass in Cultured. And I didn't care whether the eye would be daytime friendly or not, because I just wanted to be bold like that :-)

I wish I would have taken these pictures with my camera instead of my phone so you could get a better view of how intense the eyeshadows actually were. I'm sorry :( I'll make a note to take better pictures next time.

MAC Brow Pencil in Spiked
MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC42

Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Primer
BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette (1st Edition)
Avon Super Extend Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Avon Super Drama Mascara in Black
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Dark Brown (bottom lash line)

Avon Illuminating Face Perfector (primer)
Avon Perfect Wear Foundation in Toffee (discontinued)
MAC MSF in Dark
(Flush of) La Femme Blush in Golden Ruby

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Bloom
MAC Lipglass in Cultured 
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Shy Girl

And while I'm sharing, I decided to share a few full shots of today's look. I'm at my 25th week of pregnancy and realized that I haven't posted any pics of the baby bump yet!  So here goes nothing!  

Too bad I can't rock these heels for too long! 
Guess it will be sandal city for me the rest of this summer!

What fashions & makeup looks are you rocking this week?

Tuesday's Tunes Volume 9

Happy Tuesday, beautiful people! How are you guys doing? I hope the lovely month of June is off to a great start for you all.  I would also like to give you guys a big thank you for stopping by the blog to see what I've been listening to. It is greatly appreciated!  So sit back and check out five of the songs I've been playing on repeat lately.  Perhaps you've been listening to a few of them too!

If unable to see video click here.

If unable to see video click here.

If unable to see video click here.

If unable to see video click here.

If unable to see video click here.

Beautiful by Mariah Carey x Miguel- This is such a cute song to me! Though I'm not the biggest fan of the visuals released for the single, I could listen to Mariah and Miguel sing together all day any day. I love how their voices compliment each other.  And I wouldn't mind riding the back of a motorcycle with my hair in the wind while someone sang about just how beautiful I was along the ride, either. 

We Ride by Rihanna- Now this one is an oldie but goodie for me. I don't know what it is about the approaching summer season, but it always ushers in a longing to hear this song. We Ride reminds me so much of my brother, as we were both big Rihanna fans when this particular album dropped.  Playing it is like a subtle reminder of the summers we've spent together and how strong our bond is. I love him like my first born and we'll always have each other's backs through whatever storms we face. We Ride, we ride, until the day that we die :-)

The One by Tamar- This is, hands down, gonna be my jam for the summer! I fell in love as soon as I heard the sampling from Mtume's Juicy Fruit combined with Tamar's vocals. Hearing this song just makes me feel all warm inside-- happy to be in love and happy to be loved!  And when they released the video, I fell in love all over again.  Seeing her in all her pregnant glory on the boardwalk made me think of how I want to spend my summer--- glowing and enjoying the local beach! Doesn't this song just make you smile?

Body Party by Ciara- Hearing the sample of Ghost Town DJ's My Boo got me all excited about this song and the excitement hasn't simmered down yet! This is a fun song that has become quite an addiction for me also, as I'm always playing it on my phone.  And seeing the video with Future in it doesn't hurt either. For some reason I've been finding him quite attractive right here lately. Maybe it's the hormones. Maybe it's the feeling this song gives me. Lol who knows?

Sandcastle Disco by Solange- This song always makes me think of rainbows, sunshine, and happiness. I've loved the lighthearted, upbeat feel of this song since I purchased the album years ago. In fact, I still listen to it for a slight pick-me-up in the mornings and it still makes me smile and sing along to the lyrics. Are you as big of a Solange fan as I am? Do you still listen to Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams like it was just released, same as I do?


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