My Morning Skincare Routine

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How do you attend to your skincare needs as the seasons change? Does the change in seasons even affect your skincare routine? As someone with oily skin throughout the year, I usually stick to my core products. I will, however, add or remove serums or moisturizers according to my skincare concerns. And though I may switch one product for another, or try a new product or line every now and again, there are some products that hold permanent spots in my skincare stash no matter the season. 

Today, I'm sharing my current regimen and rotation of products with you guys. While I have oily skin, my t-zone is oilier in the warmer months and fairly dry in the winter months.  So, I make sure to keep my skin hydrated as much as possible these days. My biggest skin concerns are currently keeping my skin radiant and correcting my hyperpigmentation . Through this regimen, I've been able to take care of these issues quite well. Read below to check out the full details of my current skin care regimen.

morning skincare routine

LIPSTICK LOVE | Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks

I know everyone is in love with so many of these new creamy lippies that have been showing up in the beauty world. Believe me, I do, too. But can we please take a second to pay homage to my favorite lipstick finish for a few minutes? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the ever-so-faithful matte. Once you get acquainted with a nice matte lipstick, she will stick closer to you than a supportive homegirl. 

matte lipsticks

And since we've been wearing masks, matte lipsticks are the only lippies up to the task of lasting through the extra layer of protection.  So how about we take it back to some of my favorite matte lipsticks for a bit? Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks have been getting a lot of play around my way this winter and since I haven't shared any swatches here on the blog, I thought today would be a great day to do so. 

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