10 Easy Ways to Add Luxury to Your Life

When you hear people speak of luxury, what automatically comes to mind for you? 

Luxury as a noun means the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Now I know everyone’s definition of extravagant may vary. However, I believe that everyone should have access to great comfort in their lives. I am a person who relishes in the small things, things that awaken my senses and bring me joy. It could be as small as the sheer curtain sweeping over my window to let in the slightest bit of sunlight. Or it could be something as major as getting a massage from a top-rated spa in the city. But because the latter is only occasional maintenance for me, I create ways at home to give myself the same type of comfort + care the spa trip permits.

Read below the break to learn more about easy and affordable ways to add luxury to your everyday life.

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