What Ever Happened To.. Nicole Wray?

I remember like yesterday the first time I heard "Make it Hot" by Nicole Wray.  I was in my bedroom supposed to be doing homework.  Nonetheless, I was playing with the radio on my desk, alternating between 97.3 and 99.1 radio stations.  When Mocha's rap boomed through the speaker box, I dashed for a blank tape with the quickness.  I had to get that on tape!  But if you know anything about recording songs from the radio back in the day, you don't want a partial song, so I waited all evening for one of those stations to play that song again. Needless to say, I got it during the countdown later that night.  It didn't take many replays before I fell in love with Nicole's soft, beautiful voice.  I did like any other young stan would do and stood in the mirror everyday matching my vocals to hers and begging for bangs like her as well.  

I was eventually lucky enough to get Nicole's debut album on tape.  I played it over and over, listening to songs like "Seventeen", "Eyes Better Not Wander", and "Silly Love Songs" over and over.  She even made a video for one of my faves from that list.  Then after that, it seems that Nicole just faded from music.  

She came back on the scene to tease a couple of times with her single "If I Was Your Girlfriend" and also appearing on a few Dame Dash productions.  But other than that, I haven't seen anything from her in a while. Could someone please tell me where dear Nicole Wray is?  Maybe these tunes will bring Nicole back to your memory:

Did you guys hear her on the "Blakroc" compilation between Rocafella and the Black Keys?

I played this song a lot when I first heard it.  
The Black Keys are awesome on the tunes, by the way.
Now someone please go find Nicole for me, please!

My Skin Care Regimen

At the beginning of the month, my fellow blogger friend Ashley over at Glam No Labelz announced that she was doing a skin care challenge.  Though I had participated in a couple of hair care challenges and self-improvement challenges, I had never taken part in one for skin care.   So since I currently have a skin care regimen in place and would like to chart my progress (as well as hold myself accountable for sticking to this), I decided  to participate and share my regimen with you guys.

Skin Care Regimen
Daily: Cleanse with mark Calming Effect Cleanser
& moisturize with mark. See Things Clearly Moisturizer
Nightly: Cleanse with Ambi Complexion Cleansing Bar 
(not pictured)
& apply Avon Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum
I also use Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift around the eye area to decrease fine lines and puffiness.
Bi-weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
along with daily cleansing and moisturizing,
I exfoliate with Lemon Juice and Sugar
On Fridays I add an at-home steam facial to the regimen:
I simply heat distilled water and rosewater, grab a towel, and WAA-LAH!
Sometimes, when I am experiencing dryness, I use mark’s Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask

My Skin Type is Combination:
It tends to be quite dry in the winter, however.
Most of the time my skin is semi-dry with a very oily t-zone.
This has made it tricky to care for over the years.

My Skin Care Goal:
Clearer, Brighter Skin

Are any of you participating in the skin care challenge over at Glam No Labelz?  What is your skin care routine? Also, if you have any questions or comments about my routine, feel free to share them in the comments!

Guest Post: Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style
by Guest Blogger, LV
Style is a subjective view of you in totality. It is knowing who you are, what you want to say and how you want to say it. There is a big difference between being stylish and being trendy. True style can transcend time, but trends come and go. One secret to mastering personal style is knowing how to dress for your body type and knowing what cuts and fits are most flattering to you as an individual. A great way to add longevity to your wardrobe is to invest in classic pieces and quality fabrics that fit well. Use accessories to make a statement and add more panache to classic clothing. Here are some easy tips to help you develop your personal style:

Simple Saint or Brazen Bi-otch? Finding a Balance.

by Guest Blogger, Amber

A few months ago, Miss Dre wrote a pretty spot on article regarding How to Be a Mean Girl. Let's face it... every now and then, we all feel the need to take off the white gloves and let our claws out. What I really liked about her article is that she put the personal spin on it, and explains,

"I never turn anyone away because I like to make the lives of those closest to me a little easier."

I think this is something we can all relate to, but where do you draw the line? Can we turn down the obligatory feelings to help friends and family every now and then and still walk away guilt-free?

For Colored Girls: Best Beauty Buys for Brown Girls

My Hair Care Regimen

In earlier posts, I shared with you guys that I was journeying towards healthier hair. Since I don't post much about hair care, I wanted to start doing so. I recently got my hair trimmed to shoulder-length all over in an attempt to start fresh with my damage from breakage. As a beginning point, I would like to share with you a few details about my new, improved journey:

Monday Dose of Diva: The Best of Patti

A diva is someone who is a perfectionist, who does her best in her craft. ~Patti LaBelle

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a treat for you today.  I haven't done a Dose of Diva in quite a while so I decided to start the new year off right with one of my most favorite divas of all time.  Fellow Gemini, Ms.  Patti LaBelle (the beautiful one in French)  is the quintessential diva in my eyes. The way she used to roll her eyes, neck, and say "Miss Thang" was so sassy to me!  I loved watching her as I grew up, on television specials and making new music, because she has such  a larger-than-life persona.  Though I may be a bit younger than the average Patti fan, I am still a die-hard fan, nonetheless.  Her voice is so soulful, strong, wide-ranging, and angelic. Her performances were always so full of energy!  In fact, have you ever seen Fantasia Barrino kick her heels off during a performance?  That's Patti's move!  Known for her showboating and showstopping, Miss Patti LaBelle is nothing short of a grand diva, indeed.  Check out my favorite hits from Patti.

What's your favorite Patti LaBelle song?

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