What Ever Happened To.. Total?

My fondest memories exist in the back of my mind, complete with blistering bright visuals and smooth soundtracks of music with the likes of Total and other girl groups of the 90s.  One particular memory comes to mind, involving an old friend of mine and I, enjoying a cool autumn night on the town.  We began our night's journey as he popped Kima, Keisha, and Pam (adorned with his initials scribbled with slick black sharpie marks) into the truck's disc changer.  Little did I know, listening to the Kima, Keisha, and Pam album today would allow me to look back at that cool autumn night in retrospect, smiling.  Listening to this album also sent me into a wondering state of mind asking myself, "What ever happened to Total?"

Like many other young women my age, my membership to the Bad Boy trio's fan club began after their first single dropped back in '95.  It was titled "Can't You See" featuring Notorious BIG.  I grew in awe as I watched Vita's sister Kima Raynor, beside members Pamela Long and Keisha Spivey rock it out in the video.  It wasn't long before I was begging my mama to buy me Right On! magazines in the checkout line at Walmart so I could hang their posters on my wall.  I loved their sound, I loved their style, and the love grew over the years.  But hen one day, it all stopped.  I heard no more Total on the radio.  I heard nothing more of the group.  Other than news of Keisha Spivey and Omar Epps getting married in 2006, I've still heard nothing.  Where are these ladies?

In the meantime, let's take a listen at some of my favorite songs by these ladies here:

Does anybody know where Total is?
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