Blue: A Poem

couple in blue

I fell into you, 

tracing my fingers 

along your scars.

Kissing each of them,

one by one, as they dissolved 

on my lips and in my heart.

You'd meld into my skin. 

Filled in 

the spaces in me

that were hollow and bleak. 

You created in me 

an all-consuming fire 

with a burn 

that never grows weak. 

We emulsify, 

we set alight 

and shine bright, 

capturing everything 

in our wake. 

We blend 

and transcend, 

never to bend or break. 

We are a wonder, 

instinctively drawn 

to each other's vivid hues. 

Bodies moved to 

some unnamed, unheard rhythm. 

We collided and blazed blue.

photography by ricardo esquivel via unsplash

Nightcap | A Saturday Night Vibe

Are you one of those people who can easily wind down after a long day? Or are you one that finds yourself more than ready to turn in until you get in bed and realize you need a little something extra? I often end up in the latter category, simply because I can't turn my brain off. Things I haven't thought of all day seem to resurface at night and for some reason, I just can't silence the noise.

Now if you know me well, you already know I have went through my nightly self-care routine and I'm probably just in need of a good sitcom or smooth playlist to lull me to sleep. Then there are nights when a neat lil nightcap does the trick. Usually, however, that nightcap comes with the smooth tunes as well. And before you know it, I'm waking up the next morning well-rested. 

slowjam playlist


If you're like me and love a good wig, you'll want to read all about this affordable headband wig I've been wearing as a protective style to give my natural hair a break. While this post is a paid partnership with LUVME Hair, all thoughts and opinions about the hair + experience are my own. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.

luvme hair headband wig

It's no secret that we love a good wig around here. As much as I love my natural tapered cut, I always make sure to protect my natural hair as often as I can, as well. Usually my protective styles of choice are quick-weaves and wigs. But quite honestly, I don't always want to play around with a lace-front wig to make sure my edges are laid, my part is plucked, and there's enough concealer applied "like-so" to make sure it's presentable for the public. So, when I found out about LUVME Hair's headband wig line, I became curious. Installing a wig in a New York minute without any prep work and she's good to go? That's my kind of protective style!

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