How To Stay Prepared as a Woman On-The-Go

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As a busy woman, how do you stay prepared for the day? With school back in session for my oldest two children, my husband and I do a lot of running around in the run of a day. Between running errands, meetings, sports activities, and keeping my toddler engaged in the daytime, I have to make sure I'm always prepared for anything the day may present to me. Lately, I'm learning that keeping my purse filled with essentials keeps things running smoothly. While we may remember to grab our keys, cell phones, gum, and maybe even our sunglasses, we often forget those small but necessary items that will keep us prepared for a full, action-packed day. Read below to find out how which items I keep tucked away in my bag to ensure that I stay prepared as a woman constantly on-the-go.

REVIEW | Real American: a Memoir by Julie Lythcott-Haims

I received a free copy of Real American: A Memoir in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

When was the last time you looked deeply into yourself to ask, "What truly makes me who I am?"

I believe we all, as we journey down our unique paths to self-discovery, ponder this question from time to time. Lately for me, this question ballooned into something larger than I expected, as it turned into a series of questions: Who am I, authentically and organically? Is this based on the family I was born into? Is it the way society perceives me? Is it what my parents have taught me to be? Or is it who I truly believe I have grown to be, through all of my life experiences? Being a black woman in America, this line of questioning plagued me as I delved into my advanced copy of Real American: A Memoir by best-selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims.

required reading for women of color


Children's Bookshelf | I Just Kept Spinning

Have you ever been told you couldn't do something you love because of who you are or the way you look? Do you know what it feels like to be denied or deprived of an opportunity because of something as simple as the style of your hair? These questions presented themselves when I recently read children's book I Just Kept Spinning by 18-year old Memphis native Destini Berry.

In I Just Kept Spinning, we meet 7-year-old Destini who wants nothing more than to be a ballerina. Inspired by the grace and beauty ballerinas express through dance, she begged her mother to let her take part in ballet. And while her mother finally allowed Destini to participate, her path to become a graceful ballerina was met with resistance. Just when Destini was growing excited about her new venture to become a dancer, her long dreadlocks seemed to have caused a problem for her. Would they get in the way of her goal of becoming a graceful ballerina?

Children's Bookshelf | Anything But Pink by Adelina Winfield

As a mom, have you ever tried to go "against the grain" with your parenting? Or as a child, can you remember your parents going against the norm with how they raised you? Sometimes we want to approach parenting differently, by allowing our children to do things we didn't do as children. Perhaps we want our daughters to play basketball instead of becoming a cheerleader. Maybe we want our sons to embrace the arts as well as sports. And sometimes it's as simple as allowing our little ones to wear colors other than the pretty pink and baby blue hues their gender automatically assigns them. Or as author Adelina Winfield has written with this book, Anything But Pink!

we need diverse books

First Impressions | Origins GinZing™ Skin Care

Most days, nothing wakes me up quite like a large cup of coffee. Some days I take it with a couple of sugars and creamer, while other days I'll take it straight. It all depends on how much "reviving" I need that particular morning. Fortunately as of late, I've been able to get an extra shot of coffee--- but not in the usual way one would expect. What if I told you this AM, it wasn't only the coffee in my cup, but the coffee in my skin care that truly gave me the wake up call I needed? For the last couple of weeks, I've been testing the Origins GinZing™ line sent to me complimentary by Influenster and I must say, it has my nose (and eyes) wide open. Check out my thoughts on the cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer after the jump.

REVIEW | Bloom by Brittany Travesté

Where are you in your self-love journey? And when is the last time you read something that encouraged you to BLOOM? While I feel that I have grown to love myself and everything that has shaped to be who I am, I still have a way to go. Like many of us, I still have a tendency to conceal or hide the not-so-desirable parts of myself and my past. So you would believe it had to be fate that while dealing with this very issue I would receive a book in the mail that spoke directly to my situation. Enter: Bloom by Brittany Travesté.

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