Online Shopping Experience | Review

There's something about the sleek-silhouette produced by wearing a perfectly fitting dress that makes me proud to be a woman. The way the skirt swings when I walk, the way the cut displays my legs, and the way the bodice caters to my curves makes me feel so soft and feminine.

I love wearing dresses, but while running around with my little ones, wearing them on the regular isn't always an option for me. They aren't always as comfortable and as versatile as jeans or pants. And it isn't often that I am able to find a dress that fits perfectly all over, without bunching in certain areas, and ill-fitting in other areas--not to mention options that are sexy without showing too much skin. But when I was presented the opportunity to review a dress from the online women's apparel company eShakti, I was given a whole new perspective. While shopping online, I was able to find a dress that fit me perfectly, is quite comfortable, and makes me feel all kinds of sexy and confident. So today I will be sharing my experience with perusing the eShakti site and choosing a custom dress with you guys.

Recent Reads | Volume 1

It's no secret that I love a good book. And as much as I love to blog, write, and play in my makeup, I love to read more than any of these things. If you've been reading here for a minute, you may even remember when I used to have a book blog! Every since I participated in last summer's reading challenge over at a Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, I've been a bit more open-minded about my selections. And since I no longer have a book blog, I decided I would start sharing more about what I'm reading here. Below is a roundup of some of the books I've read in recent months.

Lazy Girl's Wash Day | 31 Weeks Post

How has your hair journey been going so far, this year? It's been a month or two since I've updated about my hair journey here. And let me tell you, these last few months have been a lot of work!  I'm 31 weeks post, and my hair has been telling me to take it easy. I don't always listen, however. When I updated back in January, I was experiencing a little breakage and shedding. After careful consideration, I decided to do a trim, putting my hair back at shoulder length. I was pretty happy about my trim, but unsure about what to do next with my hair. I wanted to baby my ends as much as possible. I wanted to protect my sensitive nape and edges as much as I possibly could. So I decided against relaxing and have just been deep conditioning and protective styling. I have faced a few challenges with stretching, but I feel that with low manipulation my hair will be just fine. I've finally decided to keep it simple and let my hair chill out. My last wash day was yesterday and is pretty much the way I've been cleansing my hair lately (with the exception of the shampoo I had two weeks ago). Check out how I've been "lazy girl cleansing" below.

The Experience

February Wishes

And just like that, February is upon us. Just yesterday, I was pulling pictures from magazines, highlighting inspirational quotes, and perfecting my vision board. I was agonizing over lists of plans, ideas, and aspirations, only to find myself overwhelmed. Last month, I decided I would abandon the idea of making resolutions all because 2014 didn't go as smoothly as I had planned. But then, as I began writing in my journal this morning (and rereading entries from previous months), I realized my plans, though well-intentioned, were terribly flawed. The first problem was that I had not fully surrendered my life nor my life's plans to Christ. As much as I've prayed and asked God to do this or work that out, I had not stopped to listen or acknowledge the plans He had for my life. Secondly, I simply was not putting in the work (nor did I have enough faith in myself or God to see things through). Now, as I take these two things into consideration, it seems I was doomed to fail from the start. How many of you guys have dealt with this same issue?

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