Fall Style Inspiration | Dressed Up or Down

The fall season is finally upon us, ladies. Temperatures are finally starting to cool and many of us are beginning to notice the shifts in the weather. We are cleaning out our closets, looking for our favorite boots, scarves, and the military jacket that was LOVE last year. We are brainstorming ways to transition our favorite summer pieces into the fall. We are perusing the aisles of our favorite stores (or if you're like me--adding items to your online wishlists) because we must be prepared for sweater weather, right?

Well if you're looking for ways to style your favorite fall wardrobe essentials, I'm sharing some fall style inspiration here over the next couple of weeks. And if you're someone who loves the idea of dressing the same outfit up or down according to the occasion, today's look is for you!
Do you like to switch up your color scheme with the seasons? I do. When fall hits, I love to bring out deep hues of burgundy, olive green, plum, and neutral tones. This year, I've been adding rose and blush shades with everything, hence today's look. I love this long-sleeved lace top from Newchic. It's soft, feminine, and is comfortable enough to wear on early fall days before cooler temperatures hit (at least here in the south). Though the accessories appeal to the feminine aspect of the look, adding these trendy destroyed denim jeans and moto jacket (for layering) give this look a bit of an edge. This is the ideal balance I look for when styling- girly meets edgy. And since you must have a bag to compliment a look as well as carry around the important things (you know--wallet, phone, several tubes of lipstick + gloss, mascara, etc), get into this cute Charles Jourdan tote!

Now the remaining options for your look depend solely on your shoe preference. If you opt to enjoy a night out to dinner or plan to be on your best diva-like behavior, you may opt for a sleek pair of booties like the Jessica Simpson Aggie shown. Or if you prefer a nice casual sneaker and know you're going to be doing a lot of footwork, you may choose the stylish Adidas Samoa.

Would you rock this look? If so, where?
Which shoe do you prefer-- the booties or the sneaks?


fall beauty must haves

What beauty products are you ladies currently lusting after? These are a few that I've added to my fall beauty wishlist.

Ode To The Beautiful Dreamers and Creatives

We're quirky, and cutesy, and witty, and we're proud of it. We make no apologies about who we are or what we love. We use our virtual spaces and faces to share loud voices and passions with the highest of frequencies. You may know us as bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and (my favorite word) creatives.

HAUL + REVIEW | ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips

liquid lipstick

If you follow me on Instagram or read my last blog post, you know I am late to the ColourPop party. Nonetheless, I got my first little taste of the ColourPop life when I received my recent haul in the mail a couple of weeks ago. In this haul, I purchased three Ultra Matte Lips and three Ultra Satin Lips. Overall, I have been pleased with my haul and could not wait to share the details with you guys. Below are the satin lippies I purchased in the order they are pictured above: Echo Park, Mess Around and Frick 'n Frack.

HAUL + REVIEW | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips

liquid lipstick
Lately, I've been on a quest to add more liquid lipsticks to my makeup arsenal. But with so many different cosmetic lines offering endless options of this on-trend lip product, I had no clue where to begin my search. After looking at so many captivating, high-intensity swatches of ColourPop lipsticks on women of varying complexions on social media for the longest, I decided to finally give them a try. Luckily, my try came around the time of a recent flash sale a couple of weeks ago, which offered 20% off select items for 24 hours. How could I not? 

Shopping for a couple of lipsticks slowly turned into a haul. The price for many of the lippies I had my eye on were reduced from $6 to $4.80, so I decided to splurge just a little. I grabbed up three Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and three Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks. Below are the satin lippies I purchased in the order they are pictured above-- StingRAYE, Beeper and Chi.

Unboxing | The NEW Artisan Love Box

You guys know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when the mail comes and you've gotten a package? Let's take our minds there for a minute. Now imagine that said package being a curated subscription box. You're overwhelmed with wonder and mystery because you're not quite sure of the contents just yet. And then you begin tearing away at the casing, searching for something sharp to get into those secured seams. Suddenly, you get a whiff of something warm and sweet, like someone had accidentally placed cake in your parcel. What do you do? You do like me and get into that box with the quickness! I recently received The NEW Artisan Love Box and this was my exact response to the arrival of the box. And the same intrigued, excited, then pleasantly satisfied feel I had when opening the contents has been my experience in trying the products.

subscription box

The Artisan Love Box is a curated subscription box created by handmade business owners Jarmelia Ladson and Candera Thompson, featuring a quality selection of beauty + body care products. The cool thing about the Artisan Love Box is that each item included is handmade, toxic-free, and made by women with your wellness in mind.