My Experience With Scentbird: a Review

scentbird subscription service

My Experience With Scentbird: a Review

If you have ever entertained the idea of trying different fragrances before choosing a signature scent, I'm sure the word Scentbird has come up on your radar a few times. This popular subscription service has not only assisted me in finding a signature scent for each season, it also brings me joy to receive a monthly fragrance catered to my tastes without leaving the house!

While I love shopping for new fragrances in department stores, I often find myself wanting to switch up my scent. Whether the season changes or my mood does, I love having the option to do so with ease. And spending a lot of money on a bottle of perfume I won't finish is not in the best interest of my frugal purchasing habits right now.

For that reason, I've found myself completely stuck to my Scentbird subscription for a little over a year. It's given me the opportunity to "date" different scents before committing to an expensive single purchase of perfume. Under the break, I'd like to share with you how my Scentbird subscription has been working out for me so far. Hopefully after this review, you can determine if Scentbird is or is not the right subscription service for you.

What Is Scentbird, Again?

Scentbird is a beauty subscription box for women and men that allows subscribers to receive a monthly supply from a selection of 450+ designer + niche fragrances. Subscribers can build a queue of fragrances of their own choosing or receive a predetermined fragrance of the month. This allows subscribers to test out 0.27 oz/8ml of fragrance each month, or as I like to say, date a fragrance before you choose one to fall in love with it.

Along with the default monthly vial of fragrance each month for $14.95, users also have the option of receiving up to 3 vials per month, or choosing a 3, 6, or 12 month plan. Each of these options reduce the regular $14.95 price because of the extended commitment. However, every Scentbird subscription can be cancelled at any time.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration for Scentbird is super easy. Once you sign up using your email address, you will be prompted to take a quiz that helps you find fragrances perfectly suited for you. You are also given the option to enter 3 perfumes you like---and after reviewing the recommended results, you can add them to your queue.

For women, fragrances are categorized by scent--such as floralfruitycitrusy, mood--such as sexy and mysterious, as well as occasion--such as everydayoffice, or date night. And as I mentioned before, if you'd rather have Scentbird pick your fragrance, opt to have the "perfume of the month" sent to you.

scentbird subscription service

My Experience with Scentbird

I have been a Scentbird subscriber for a little over a year now and I must say my experience has been a pleasant one so far.

Included in my first month's package was an instruction card, a vial, a sleek dispenser and a velvet pouch. After the first month's package, I received my fragrances in a cardboard tube. Since each vial is intended to be a monthly supply, it is assumed that each month you'll finish one vial and be able to replace what's in your dispenser with the next month's fragrance. But as you can see from the pictures, I've had to grab a couple of extra dispensers over time. So far, I've gotten three complementary ones. And I just love how sleek and pretty they are. I'm a stickler for pretty packaging, so this means a lot to me.

Each month, around the 6th, my account is drafted for my monthly subscription. And the time I receive my package varies each month. Some months I have gotten my package the week after my subscription payment date, while other months I've received it closer to the end of the month.

Through Scentbird, I’ve gotten reacquainted with some of my old favorite perfumes as well as gotten to know and grown to love others. Per recommendations, I’ve only found one fragrance in an entire year that just wasn’t for me. It probably helps that I know exactly what notes I’m looking for in a fragrance and Scentbird has great fragrance profiles on their website for each of them. There is also a pretty good comment section in which other users share their experiences with the fragrances.

For example, I'm most often looking for an everyday fragrance that has fruity and floral notes. Some options I have chosen based on these specifics are Versace Bright Crystal, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, Viva La Juicy Gold Couture, and my beloved Tocca Simone. And since I wanted grown and sexy options, I've had the chance to try and also fall in love with fragrances like Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline and Stella by Stella McCartney. It's safe to say that each monthly shipment for the last year has kept me not only smelling like a dream, but intriguing others around me as they stop to ask, "What fragrance are you wearing?"

The only hiccup I've had with Scentbird was delayed shipping last fall. During this time, Scentbird was in the process of changing warehouses. This caused delays in many subscribers' shipments by months and quite a few complaints in the process. And because there was also a delay in customer service responses, subscribers were unsubscribing and leaving bad reviews online. My experience, however thankfully, was more favorable. My delayed packaging was resolved with contacting customer service via email and carefully tracking my packages. After this experience, however, I haven't had any problems with my subscription.

scentbird subscription service

Would I Recommend Scentbird?

While I will say that I enjoy my Scentbird subscription, I will note that Scentbird may not be for everybody.

If you are more likely to invest in a full bottle of fragrance and would rather stick to one signature scent, Scentbird may not be for you. Saving that $14.95 each month to invest in the one true fragrance you have your heart set on wearing all the time is an option I totally understand and have also done myself.

However, if you love to change your fragrances up each month with little commitment and an affordable price of $14.95 each month, I believe you will like this service. Also, if you're a beauty fanatic like me, you will also like that Scentbird now has the option to add skincare, cosmetics, and wellness items (like scented candles) to your queue. I've been wanting to try the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask for a while now, so I will most likely be adding that to my queue soon!

To try Scentbird for yourself, feel free to use my subscriber code to receive one month's shipment for FREE! While you will have to pay for one month, you will still receive a free month once you sign up and I will receive a free month as well. Click my referral link here if you are interested!

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