My Take on BET's The Game (Season 4)

Let me start off by saying that I have been a huge fan of The Game since day one.  My loyalty to the show seemed to come natural in the sense that its sister show, Girlfriends is my favorite show even after its demise.  I, along with other viewers, have closely watched and re-watched each season of The Game to its entirety, peering in as characters like Malik have developed and how the dynamic of relationships such as Jason and Kelly's and Derwin and Melanie's have evolved over the seasons.  I have laughed and cried with the characters, sympathized with the characters, and have even been shocked off my couch by their decisions.  But in this last season, I was not prepared for the many twists and turns that would play out.

As season four begins, we are two years from Derwin Jr. being born and Derwin and Melanie's nuptials.  We are also in the "off-season" as no football is being played.  Malik is a rockstar out of control, Tasha Mack is unapologetically balling out of control and dating a much younger man (I ain't EVEN mad at that, Tasha!), Kelly is on ten with her self-reinvention after her split with Jason, and Jason is enjoying the single life.  It seems like each character has been amplified to the tenth degree.  Melanie even gets a little bougie on me while Mr. "Nike Deal" Derwin appears to be the only character who "sticks to the script" amid the major figures he's been banking.  Everyone has become a rockstar!  But again, I ain't EVEN mad at that.

The only thing I was confused with this season was the many loose strings that were left untied.  Like first of all, every episode felt rushed.  Its new drama-like format made the 30-minute interval go by so fast for me.  And with that rushed feel, many issues with characters were presented and almost instantly diluted as the episode progressed.  For instance, the episode that has Tasha babysitting Brit-Brat showed Jason condemning her for her illicit drug use.  Was this an attempt to magnify her lack of parenting skills in lieu of Malik- in reference to his drug use?  This was very unclear to me.  Also, I wondered what happened after Jason and Kelly decide that he should keep Brit-Brat while Kelly "finds herself".  We don't see Brit-Brat after Jason decides to quit his job and watch her like a hawk (though we  do see more of him in everyone else's affairs).  All these cameo appearances by the 3 members of the Pitts family make me believe they aren't even gonna be a part of the next season if there is one.  Did you guys notice how in the credits it reads "special appearance by Coby Bell" as if he is not even a cast member?  Someone speak to me on this because I'm lost.

And what is really good with Melanie and Derwin?  I remember a time when I could not miss an episode of The Game for hopes of seeing what these two love birds have going on.  Why did Melanie go through all that hard work in med school only to be a "non-practicing" doctor?  It doesn't seem like Girl Melanie has enough to do and too much time on her hands, as she comes up with bright ideas like swabbing DJ's mouth to see if Derwin is really his father.  I was really disappointed in how her character has developed into this boring housewife.  Even  Juvon's wife entertained me more than Melanie's character did.  What happened, really?

Let me not even get on the season finale that aired last night!  That would take another 3 blog entries!  So you guys tell me your thoughts on the season finale and what you guys thought of season four.

As a sidenote, in no way am I bashing season four of The Game.  I am actually happy that this show came back!  Nonetheless, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't express my rants about the season. :-)

Happily Ever After! Miss Dre is now Mrs. Dre :-)

Hello everyone! I know it's been more than a month since I've made a post.  With all of the wedding planning, schoolwork, and family stuff, I seemed to be neglecting my blog.  So with this post I will share with you guys that I was married to the man of my dreams, the love of my life for the past 8 years, and the father of my 2 beautiful babies on March 19, 2011.  Even though preparing for a wedding (especially my own) was stressful and quite time-consuming, making a lifetime commitment and solidifying a spiritual bond with my husband made everything else obsolete.   My closest friends and family alongside his closest friends and family banded together to make this occasion one we will not soon forget.  I'm thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us and I'm thankful to God that he blessed me with the perfect man for me.

Here is my delicious cake
And here is hubby feeding it to me :-)

                                                        MORE PICS COMING SOON!!!
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