Photo Challenge Day 13: My Favorite Musicians

A picture of your favorite band or artist.

OMGee!  Picking one favorite band or artist is like telling a counselor to fix a couple's relationship problems with a couple of words.  How can I just name one?  And as much as I love music??? This is gonna be hard!

To make this easier on me, I will post a picture of my favorite artist of all time, my favorite current artist, and my favorite band of all time.  This is only fair.

Ladies and Gentleman, my favorite artist of all time is Mr. Purple Rain himself.  I have been a fan of Prince Nelson Rogers probably since I was old enough to decipher sound, as my mother and auntie were devoted fans and kept his music in heavy rotation at my grandma's house.  "Adore" will always be my favorite song and Purple Rain will always be my favorite movie because of the beautifully talented Prince and his wondrous ways with that guitar.

Perhaps you are beginning to notice my obsession with men and guitars? Well anyways, my favorite current artist is B.o.B (or known to some as Bobby Ray).  I love his style of singing, strumming, and storytelling all while maintaining as a relevant rapper. He also writes lyrics that raise consciousness, discussing social concerns others in our times seem to not even care about (check out Dr. Aden).  I truly believe artists like B.o.B are the future of hip-hop, or at least I hope so.  Plus those dimples make him a keeper :)

Alas, my favorite group of all time.  TLC!!!  I remember jamming as a young'n to "Hat 2 Da Back" and swearing that I was gonna be a tomboy forever (though that changed by the time I hit high school).  TLC taught me about relationships, friendships, and the evolving world around young women like myself.  They taught me it was okay to be just who I was, whether I was wearing baggy jeans or halter tops.  I can recall the song "Unpretty" playing in the soundtrack of my life quite often as a teen and young adult.  I felt like they were making music for me, my friends, my cousins, and all young women growing up in America.  I wish we could bring Left Eye back to get a reunion with them right now *tear*.


If there is any show I love more than Weeds and The Game, it is Girlfriends.  I still watch re-runs of Girlfriends on DVD as a pick-me-up.  These four different girls, all from four different walks of life, shared such strong bonds.  And even though Toni and Maya were my two favorites, I feel that I could relate to each one of them in a unique way.  Joan was the nucleus of the group, holding everyone together.  She was a perfectionist, and sometimes a nervous wreck.  In those ways I was just like Joan. Then there's her best friend, Toni.  Toni feeds the "Champagne-Dreamer" in me.  Toni prides herself on living a life of fabulousness and lavishness at all costs.  Plus, she is such a diva.  Maya mirrors the writer in me and the "Aw Hell Nah" attitude I tend to catch if I'm not too careful about my surroundings.  And Lynn, poor, lost Lynn.  I feel like Lynn some days, especially with all the majors I've chosen during my time in college.  Though she's quirky and such a moocher, I still love her spirit and presence.  I fell in love with each of these girls, and William as well, over the course of the seasons.  However, when Toni left before the last season, I felt like I had lost a friend of my own.  The show never truly recaptured its zeal after Toni left either, in my opinion.  Nonetheless,  I really wish we could get a reunion or something!
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