5 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of a Creative Rut

Have you ever experienced a creative rut? You know, that dark time when it seems like nothing you attempt to create materializes to much? Writer's block shows up like an uninvited guest and takes the spare room, kitchen, dining room, and before you know it, the whole house? While that may seem like an extreme metaphor, I believe you get my point. I think at some point or another, all of us creatives have fallen prey to the dreaded creative rut.

Many factors may cause the uninspired feeling we experience during a creative rut. Sometimes it can be onset by lifestyle changes. Other times it can be triggered by traumatic events occurring in our personal lives. And since I've recently been working diligently to pull myself out of one, I decided I would share with you guys a few ways I've done (and still doing) so.
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