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As a beauty blogger who had recently fallen into a beauty rut, I have realized how much a beauty update can turn things around! Something as simple as purchasing a new lipstick or changing the color of your hair can really boost your confidence. Not to mention, it can give you a reason to share your creativity with those around you.

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Today, I want to share three easy ways to update your look in a way that allows you to express your most bold, creative self. If you're like me, you've found yourself stuck in a beauty rut more times than a few. Why not try some new ways to share your creativity and look cute while doing it?

Summer Style Must-Have: Tidewater Sandals

As much as I love sneakers and my beloved heels, neither of them compare to a cute, comfortable pair of flip-flops. They are the unsung hero of my wardrobe, as they hold me down all through the warmer seasons. When I'm running around with the kids, while I'm making that quick grocery run, and when everything else seems to fail my poor, aching soles, my flip-flops are always there. Even if they're not on my feet, they're in the trunk or in my bag, ready to go! Anybody who has danced the night away in 6-inch heels (I'm somebody's club or otherwise) can appreciate my honesty here.

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So as the days grow closer to the times we will spend strolling the beach, visiting water parks, and enjoying the good outdoors, I thought I would share my current favorite pair of flip-flops from Tidewater Sandals with you guys.

Everyday Spring Beauty Look

Hello guys! Here it is the end of May, and I finally feel like I'm getting into the groove of Spring. The weather has been warm and sunny (with the exception of a few showers this week), and I'm loving wearing vibrant shades to celebrate the season. Keeping my vow to rock simple makeup and nude lips most days, I've fallen into the habit of grabbing the same makeup items. And since I've already shared this look with you guys on Facebook and Instagram, I decided I'd share all the details here on the blog.

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This beauty look takes about 10-15 minutes to do and features a new product I've tested and come to like. Can you guess what it is? Keep reading to find out more.

Review | All Summer Long by Hope Larson

School's out for summer and we can't wait to do ALL THE THINGS we have planned with our best friends. How many can relate to this feeling? Take your mind back to that summer between middle school and high school and ponder on how excited you were to finish middle school. There may have been nervousness looming about entering high school, but there was time to worry about that later. All you thought about was doing something amazing to commemorate THAT special summer. But what if your friends decided they had better things to do? In All Summer Long by Hope Larson, I took a trip down memory lane with my daughter as we read about a similar situation.

Everyday Beauty | The Natural, "No-Makeup" Makeup Look

Hello guys! I hope everyone has been having a beautiful spring so far! This season, I've been looking forward to swapping out my lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes to add bright, vibrant hues to my makeup bag. However, in my realistic everyday life, I don't always take the time to pull these beautiful shades together for an overall beauty look. As someone who spends most of her time in the home, I don't wear a full face of makeup every single day. But I do love throwing on my usual natural makeup look with cat-eye and nude lips just because.

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This natural, everyday look gives me just the right touch of coverage I need to feel confident without a heavy application of makeup. Not to mention, it only takes minutes to do!

Living a Blessed Life with Kim Fields

“Let life happen. Then be ready when it does.” 
-Kim Fields 
Blessed Life: My Surprising Journey of Joy, Tears, and Tales from Harlem to Hollywood by Kim Fields is a true testament of growth and staying the course in your life’s journey. In her beautifully written memoir, Kim Fields speaks candidly about the lessons she’s learned throughout her life as a childhood star, actress, creative, wife, and mother. Reading this book was so refreshing, because not only was she transparent about her trials and struggles, she also shared how she moved out of her own way to get through to the better days.

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