If you're like me and love a good wig, you'll want to read all about this high-quality, HD Lace Frontal Wig I've been wearing as a protective style lately. While this post is a paid partnership with WOWANGEL Wigs, all thoughts and opinions about the hair + experience are my own. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.

wowangel wigs

It's no secret that we love a high-quality wig around here. Since growing out my natural tapered cut, I've been wearing braids and wigs to protect my natural hair from the elements. And as much as I love wearing lace front wigs, all of them are not created equally. Some don't have the parting space I need. Others don't have the density to rock the full look I usually go for. And I'm not always able to find a nice, HD lace that melts perfectly around my hairline with minimal effort. However, after rocking high-quality HD Lace Wigs from the likes of WOWANGEL Wigs, I have become hooked! Read below the jump to learn more about my experience with the latest 30-inch Buss Down I've been wearing lately.

Recommended Reading | Sisterhood Heals by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Sisterhood Heals, by creator of #TherapyforBlackGirls Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D, is a beautiful testament to the power of sisterhood and what it means to Black Women. 

sisterhood heals by dr. joy

Publish Date: June 25, 2023

There is beauty, power, love, joy, and safety in the kinship we share. This book explores the various ways in which this community acts as a safe space and healing balm for us. It also illustrates how sisterhood is a means of survival for us all, as well. Covering topics such as cultivating friendships, finding our "place"  & "holding space" in groups, seeking community, and navigating the life stages of our friendship circles, reading Sisterhood Heals feels like listening to a good girlfriend. It is insightful, relatable, and lists reflections at the end of each chapter that readers can apply to their own lives. 

It would be love if all my sisters and those who love + support us check out Sisterhood Heals. Buy a copy for someone, even. This book is a celebration & poignant reminder that we are out here supporting each other, loving on each other, and making the world go round in the process. It also serves as a toolkit for optimum community within our own respective groups. Sisterhood Heals is an absolute must-read for me! 


Special thanks to Netgalley and Random House Publishing/Ballantine Books for the eBook! 

Have you read Sisterhood Heals yet?

If not, will you be adding it to your reading list? 

Sunday Nite at Dre's | A Playlist

It's a chill Sunday after dark, and the rain seems to have settled in for the night. The house is quiet, with the exception of my pacing back and forth, setting up the boys' things they need for school tomorrow. Everyone's left to their own devices, which is a plus for me. I can get so much done within the stillness. Sounds from someone's YouTube plays in the distance. Someone else's South Park reruns mutter every now and again in the background. And occasionally, I can hear my dog, Rocko, whimper for attention from his pillow in the center of the living room. It's during these times that I like to put a smooth tune or two on to match my productivity. Sure, I want to get all the things done, as I plan for the week on Sunday nights. But I want something nice and easy to listen to. I love when it's something I can move to, but it has to be something that keeps me vibing and getting things done at a steady pace. Tonight, I chose G-funk, y'all.

Like me and my two sides, G-funk seems like a bit of a dichotomy. On the one hand, you have your hardcore gangsta rap lyrics. On the other, you have this gangsta music laced with your favorite funk tune samples from the 70's. It's a genre I love to wrap myself up in when I want a little something different from my usual jazz and soul Sunday spins. And since I have a playlist or two queued up on my Spotify, I thought I'd share one here tonight with you guys! 

QUEUE THE "Sunday Nite at Dre's" PLAYLIST:  This is for those nights when you wanna vibe to some smooth 70's funk, but the "G" in you wants a little something heavier. Click the image above to open the playlist up in a new window.

Loving these Spotify playlists? Let me know in the comments if you want more here on the blog. And be sure to give me a follow if you're on Spotify, too. I love making mixtapes and sharing music with my good boos over there.


Five Ways to Read More for Less

black girl in paris shay youngblood

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive commission if you make a purchase through my links at no extra cost to you. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here.
If you've been here for a while, you already know about my love of books. In fact, if you've been here since the beginning, you'll know that I used to maintain a book blog as well. So, knowing that I've been obsessed with books for my entire life will come as no surprise to you. The constant urge to purchase the latest release and the perpetual salivating over pretty book covers has plagued me for years. I'm definitely that reader that daydreams about subplots and colorful characters before I even crack open the hardcover.

I've also spread this love of reading on to my children and they have their own favorites to contend with: comics, graphic novels, manga, young adult fiction, science fiction, poetry, you name it. And with everyone loving to read, the amount we spend on books would get out of hand at times. Over time, I have found ways to remedy breaking our book budget. So, I've decided to share here some affordable ways to read more books if you can relate to any of the above. Also, if reading more is a goal you've created for yourself this year, here are some cost-effective ways to get more reading in!

IN MY BAG | NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss

If you are a beauty lover like myself, I'm sure you've had your share of  NYX Cosmetics filling your makeup bag. Over the years, beauty brand NYX Cosmetics has been a staple in my beauty arsenal. Their primers, lipsticks, eyeliners, lipliners, brow pens, and blushes have been automatic repurchases, as I've been so pleased with the quality and affordability of theses items. And as much as I've gushed over said products in the past, nothing has quite compared to my love of the NYX Butter Gloss. Any gloss girlie can tell you-- NYX Butter Gloss was, is, and will always be THAT GIRL.


Deemed "America's #1 Lip Gloss" on the NYX Cosmetics website, Butter Gloss is a fan favorite for good reason. With 29 shades of creamy gloss, there's a color (or 3) for everyone. Each gloss gives sheer to medium coverage, with the exception of the clear gloss. And the best thing about them? They glide on beautifully, giving your lips just the desired amount of shine WITHOUT the stickiness. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, a tacky lip gloss can ruin an entire lip look. But not Butter Gloss. She plays well alone or layered with other lip products, such as liners and lipsticks. 

While talking about these glosses with a friend the other day, I was asked which were my favorites among the bunch. So, I decided to share my top three here with you guys as well. I've bought so many different shades of NYX Butter Gloss over the years. However, three in particular are always found IN MULTIPLES in my makeup bag, in my purse, and on my vanity. ENTER: Tiramisu, Praline, and Ginger Snap.

Blossom Into The Feminine | A Playlist

What does basking in your femininity mean to you?

To me, this means embracing the qualities that make me who I am as a woman-- my softness, my sensuality, my ability to nurture and create from the most sacred spaces within me. And since learning to fully embrace my femininity years ago, I"ve felt an ease in my mind + body like never before. I welcome change with less resistance. I don't let the thoughts and opinions of others affect me as much. I am more accepting of who I am in totality. I welcome and embrace the genuine love around me. I feel blessed and grateful to return the love, in a genuine way. And I honor my sensuality, allowing myself to fully enjoy the things that make me feel pleasure.

As with anything I do, I've created a playlist featuring many songs that put me in a state of flow, when it comes to my femininity. Songs that feel good when I sing the lyrics. Songs that sound good sliding through my speakers on quiet nights alone. Songs that remind me that I am a soft, gentle being that allows herself to give and receive pleasure.

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