SPRING MANICURE | Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Game Changer

Getting your overall look together for Spring is never complete without finding the perfect nail color. As soon as the days grow warmer, I start reaching for all my bright, vivid shades of nail polish. I make sure to pick colors that will compliment whatever I'm wearing, look great on my nails, and make me feel happy. And I know I'm not the only one that feels so much better once I've gotten a fresh, brilliant coat of nail polish for the week.

Last year when purging my nail polish stash, I knew I would have to add a few new shades of coral to the mix. Coral is a beautiful shade that's perfect for the spring and summer months. I feel like it compliments my skin tone well, and coordinates with the coral shades I start wearing during these months. During that time, I received a pretty coral polish in my Ipsy Bag and it was exactly what I was looking for! Sometimes Ipsy really does come through in the clutch with products that are exactly what I need at that given time! How do they do that?

Anyways, through this particular Ipsy bag, I was introduced to the brand Trust Fund Beauty. They're a cruelty-free + vegan beauty brand that has some intriguing names for their products. My introduction to their products came in the name of beautiful polish called Game Changer. And it was a Game Changer for sure, when it came to my beauty routine. I wore this color so much last year, I just knew I would be replacing the bottle by the time spring rolled around this year. Thankfully, my bottle is still intact, and I might not have to replace my coral polish any time soon.  Look at how gorgeous it is!

The polish goes on smoothly and dries to a nice opaque finish with only about two coats. I always do a base coat first and finish it off with a top coat. And before I even get started I do my best to clean up my cuticles so they don't look too messy. I want my manicure to look as neat as possible, even though laundry and washing dishes threaten to wreak havoc on my nails daily. The struggle is real, y'all.

And if you've been around here for a while, you know I always have to add glitter to my mani with an accent nail. That's all it really takes for me to achieve my typical manicure. It usually lasts about two weeks before peeling or chipping, but if I apply top coat twice a week my manicure lasts longer. Most of the time, however, I just want to change my polish so I will take the color off before the manicure starts to chip or fade.

Will you be adding the color coral to your beauty arsenal this spring? What new colors of polish are you putting in rotation this season? Also, if you haven't tried Ipsy yet and would like to, click here to try through my referral code or drop me your email address to score a free bag!

What colors have you been rocking on your nails lately?

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