Blue: A Poem

couple in blue

I fell into you, 

tracing my fingers 

along your scars.

Kissing each of them,

one by one, as they dissolved 

on my lips and in my heart.

You'd meld into my skin. 

Filled in 

the spaces in me

that were hollow and bleak. 

You created in me 

an all-consuming fire 

with a burn 

that never grows weak. 

We emulsify, 

we set alight 

and shine bright, 

capturing everything 

in our wake. 

We blend 

and transcend, 

never to bend or break. 

We are a wonder, 

instinctively drawn 

to each other's vivid hues. 

Bodies moved to 

some unnamed, unheard rhythm. 

We collided and blazed blue.

photography by ricardo esquivel via unsplash

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