Late Night Editing: A Poem

Lately I find myself
perfecting my craft
proofreading for grammatical errors
and correcting my math.
Hoping that when I come to you
I come correct
and wishing that by default
we connect.

Your intellect and confidence
inspire me to explore.
Your crafty way with words
leaves me craving for more.

I want, I need, I got to have
and yearn to soon devour
your essence, authenticity,
your wit and sense of power.

I wonder should I start
by taking slow sips of your soul
or if I should lick my lips
and commence to swallow whole?
Knowing full well my diet
doesn't allow me to ingest
your flavor, your taste-
I confess as I digress.

I must stick to the task at hand:
work more and daydream less.
Even though I do believe
You'll be my test.

....glad I got that off my chest.... carry on

photo by Nick Owuor on Unsplash
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