Word to the Wise: Pack Light! (Repost)

Today as I listen to Miss Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady" I am reminded yet again that I must let some things go. Every time I think I have my life in order and that I'm traveling through the universe at a pleasurable pace, my "backpack" starts to get a little heavier.  I don't know if I'm picking up things I don't need in my journey without taking time to discard undesirables or if I'm beginning to make a habit of collecting stray items.  Relationships that just aren't working, books I no longer care to read, situations I should have left well enough alone, and negative stress from home/school/family/friends seem to wind up in my backpack over and over.

One habit I must learn to break is putting this mess in my bag to begin with.  Immediately (at least by now) I should be able to tell if something will benefit me, will hinder me from attaining my goal, or has no bearing on my life.  Things that don't concern me should not be stressing me to no end.  I cannot save the world.   It will burn me out if I keep trying.  Things that are stunting my growth and progression should be avoided as well.  Only the things that make me happy are going in my bag from now on.  And if ever I should need a reminder, I will remember Miss Erykah's famous words: PACK LIGHT!

Do any of you ever feel this way?  What do you do to keep your "load" light?

**photo courtesy of Shay Mitchell**
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