The Prayer of Jabez

The Prayer of Jabez is a small, yet powerful prayer found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  I use to meditate on it regularly, as it hangs in the hallway of my home and always has.  But it seems as though over the last year or so I have lost sight of its powerful message.  I know you are wondering how could someone walk past something every day and not notice it?  I guess the same could be said for taking part in all of the blessings God bestows upon us, yet neglect to tell Him thank you.  It wasn't until my mother called me on Sunday morning urging me to tune in to Joel Osteen's program on USA that the Prayer of Jabez was brought back to my attention.

Joel Osteen informed viewers on Sunday morning's episode that something BIG was coming our way.  Mom had been telling me this for quite some time, but hearing Osteen's words helped me really believe it was so.  He then began to talk about praying big prayers, reminding us that our God has endless resources and is mighty enough to supply all of our wants and needs.  Hearing this message made me wonder to myself, why wasn't I praying big prayers anymore?  I remember a time when I was looking for a better job and I prayed big.  I remember when I wanted to move to a different city and I prayed big.  Just like Jabez, I constantly asked God to enlarge my territory.  After those blessings came, it seems that I had become complacent.  

I remember when I used to dream big.  Now I find myself just praying to stay afloat.  And truthfully, that is likely why I was successfully doing just that-staying afloat.  So after watching those 30 minutes of inspiration, I began to reassess the things I really wanted in life.  I took Osteen's advice and decided to make room for increase.  I am going to meditate more on my word, pray my big dreams, and pray that God blesses me in abundance so much so that I become a blessing to others.

Here is a picture of the prayer's scroll I have in my hallway (1 Chronicles 4:10).

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So my question to you guys is are you praying big?  Have you asked God to bless that dream you have yet?  What do you think of Jabez's prayer?
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