My Cups Runneth Over: A Love/Hate Story About Bras

According to this infomercial that I am currently watching,  about 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  I find that odd, especially since we all as women have to carry those things for a living.  Yep, these are our partners for life, yet so many of us have no clue how to make carrying the load easier for us--especially those of us with large chest areas.  Why is this?

I think for many of us, we weren't taught to fit ourselves for bras.  Personally speaking, my mom presented me with my first bra in the fifth grade (I believe it was like a -0 AA lol).  And only because I now know better, I will admit that I was rocking that same size until I started high school.  Let's just say those numbers had long expired and needed badly to be retired.  My mom started complaining about the fit and the spillage, so I took it upon myself to head over to Walmart with a friend and take a shot at figuring his whole bra thing out.  After playing the guessing game until I felt I had an accurate number, I rolled out of Wally World with several pairs of 36Cs, feeling quite accomplished.

Despite my greatest efforts I still had spillage, but I misread that for "cleavage" so for the most part my teen years were smooth sailing.  It wasn't until PE class that I felt awkward, causing me to double-up (wearing an 18-hour bra and sports bra) for support.  You would think that a teenage girl would be proud of being busty but I was not.  I wanted to play various sports, but after being teased for making too much movement in the chest area as I ran, I loathed doing any physical activities publicly.  Puberty sucked and my body was slowly trying to catch up with my bust size.

It wasn't until 2003, my freshman year of college, that I found my perfect bra.  During a trip to the mall with my dear friend Nic, she delicately told me I was wearing the wrong bra size.  She even urged me to get fitted in a department store.  I did just that and finally felt comfortable within the constraints of a bra.

Though that was several years and two children ago, I still find that to be a defining moment in my transition into womanhood.  Thanks to Nic, I get fitted often and make sure I purchase the best bras for my needs.

Here is a good video I found on YouTube on how to measure your bra size.  Check it out here:


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